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Dear BB’s and NB’s,

Everyone has a hero and someone who inspires them in there life.  Bodybuilders have Arnold Schwarznegger, Joe Weider and possible Dorian Yates,  I have JOAN JETT.  Joan Jett to me is and always will be a strong woman who went through so much to pursue her dreams and didnt give up.  She has had a lot of doors slammed in her face until one day she woke up and had her own label.

No one didnt think she could do it without the RUNAWAYS (Cherie Currie), But she did.  She never had a back up plan of what she was going to do if music didnt pay off.  She ate, breathe, sleep, shit music and thats all she had in her.  Her motto was ” IF YOU DONT SEE THE TALENT IN ME, I SEE IT IN MYSELF AND THEREFORE I AM GOING TO PROMOTE MYSELF… FUCK YOU!

I think that we should continue to push, scrape and kick ass to make our dreams a reality.  If you stop… your a certified looser.


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