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What the fuck is wrong with the Lunatic that call themselves Mission Muscles… some bullshit like that.  They keep talking  about how JAY CUTLER is the devil and he makes devil signs.  What the fuck is wrong with HIM.  This guy said that after he got caught selling steriods and went to jail… he saw the errors of his ways. HERE IS THE KEY WORD PEOPLE.. HE GOT CAUGHT! SO DOES THAT MEAN IF HE WAS STILL SELLING STERIODS SUCCESSFULLY AND STILL MAKING ALL THAT MONEY.. WOULD HE HAVE SEEN THE ERRORS OF HIS WAYS THEN.. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.. I HATE HIPPOCRITS

Now this fucking Idiot reads a bible and say that weight lifters are evil and they are under the trans of Joe Weider.  People like this who spit propaganda is very scary.  The invoke unnecessary FEAR into people and cause unnecessary problems and wont take responsibility for it.  Since they want to talk a lot of shit AND READING THE BIBLE WHAT JESUS SAID….. Since they are on the MISSION to Expose BOdybuilders… and since they want to spread the word of GOD!

Why dont they go against CHILD ABUSERS< RAPIST< MURDERERS<THIEVES and etc.. Why not preach the word of God about that. Why go after JAy Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and my man MARKUS RUHL.  Its fucking stupid and they need to be responsible for there malicious actions talking about innocent Bodybuilders. THEY CAN KISS MY BLACK ASS IN THE DARK WITH A GLASS OF MILK.

Fuck this shit!  Look this is the reality in my eyes… We dont have time for muscle to grow like jay Cutler.  Do you know how long that would take naturally.  People I know have been lifting weights for over 20 years and is no where near big.  They have size on them… But come on! Who gives a FUCK! as long as you know when to stop and when to use it. What s the big deal..  LAYS POTATO CHIPS CAUSES ANAL LEAKAGE! DID YOU KNOW THAT!  Is there a warning on TV about that! HOW ABOUT ADVIL KILLING YOUR KIDNEYS!  If I was a bodybuilder and I needed to compete for the grand prize $$$$$$$$$  and get a trophy and get Endorsements up my ass… FUCK YOU ALL! I am going to take it.

In closing!  MISSION MUSCLE.. a witch hunt for BODYBUILDERS…. FUCK YOU!


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