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BB friends,
I think that Tim Love should be nominated for the bodybuilder of the month.. But I can only give a week and I will tell you why.  Tim love’s family radiates in his strength as a Bodybuilder.  He credits his wife and his children as well as the people he believes made him who is he is today.  His body is absolutely fantastic.  Have you seen his abdomen! My god you can grate cheese on his stomach.  He looked great before …. But he added on 20 more pounds to the POWERHOUSE he calls a body.  Check out his website it’s real cool.  Tim even has a count down of how many days to his next event 2011 /362 DAYS TO FINAL COUNTDOWN. Family and good friends are very important to the success of Bodybuilders.  Tim, congradulations on your strong support and your fantastic body…. I am pulling for you to win Next year .. Because i know it will happen! 


I have been married for 10 years and have two wonderful sons aged 5 and 2.  I work in a Correctional Facility and I love bodybuilding!
I started bodybuilding back in 2001, dropping out of my first competition at the Windsor Cup before it was even over.  I returned three years later to win the Overall title at the Windsor Cup.  My hope for the upcoming 2011 season is to compete in the Canadian National Championship.

2010 OPA O’Brien Luchka Mississauga Classic Results

May 22, 2010
Mississauga, ON

Overall Men – Tim Love
Overall Female Bodybuilding – Joanne Williams
Overall Figure – Teresa Bragado
Overall Bikini – Justine Munro


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