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Dear Friends,

The reason why Mark is the Bodybuilder of the weekend for me is because he is very motivated and strong willed to win.  When he did the Dallas show, he wasnt the biggest guy on stage but he made himself more noticeable than the other bodybuilders. In 2009 he got 2nd place and a pro card.  What made him awesome to me was his drive and the determination to get first place before the competition in Dallas TX started.  He made sure that he got GASPARI NUTRITION to back him and told them of his ambitions to win.  Great Job Mark!  I’m proud of you.  Drive and determination goes far.

Name: Mark Alvisi

Hometown: Grew up in Coatesville, PA, USA;  live in Delray Beach, FL, USA

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 240lbs (off season)



He is currently take a serving each of PlasmaJet and SuperPump250, 5 grams of Glutamine, and 5 grams of BCAA 30 minutes before I train, SizeOn during my workout, and SuperPump250, 5 grams of Glutamine, 5 grams of BCAA and Vitargo after training. I take Cytolean before cardio in the morning


Competition History

Year    Event    Division    Results

2010   Europa SuperShow   Open   2nd
2009   NPC USA   Heavy Weight   1st
2008   NPC National   Heavy Weight   2nd
2008   NPC USA   Heavy Weight   4th
2007   Arnold Classic Amateur   Heavy Weight   1st
2006   NPC Southern States   Light Heavy   2nd
2003   NPC Southern States   Light Heavy   2nd
2002   Super Body World Championships   Overall   1st
2001   NABF Pro American Nationals   Overall   1st
2001   NABF Florida State   Overall   1st

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