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#W62688, Valley State Prison for Women,

D2-27-4Low, P.O. Box 92,

 CHOWCHILLA, CA 93610-0092, Unted States of America.

Dear Sally,

I am writing this letter to tell you how sorry I am that your appeal was denied.  I hope the next time around it will happen for you.  What I admire the most is….. No matter what is happening, you are still keeping up with your workouts.

The workouts keep your mind going and not slip you in an abyss of depression which I can only imagine what you were going through in the beginning.  I dont want to mention the murder….. This is not what this is about.  I just wanted to know when you get out and what your plans are.  Will you go back in the bodybuilding world?  What would like to do with your life when you are free?

I will write again in another week.  Please feel free to write me back, I look foward to your letters



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