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DEAR PEOPLE,MUSTANG SALLY LOSES HER APPEAL. THE ONE THING THAT I DO ADMIRE ABOUT HER IS THAT SHE IS STILL DOING HER WORKOUTS AND BEING STRONG ABOUT THE SITUATIONSHE IS HOPING TO GET OUT AND START FROM SCRATCH OF HER OLD BODYBUILDING DAYS. I AM WRITING HER A LETTER ASKING HER WHAT SHE WOULD DO IF SHE HAD A SECOND CHANCE TO JOIN THE PUBLIC. AS SOON AS I GET AN ANSWER I WILL POST IT ON FACEBOOKCLAUDIA Sally killed her husband and they keep turning down her plea. The US Supreme Court is not accepting her plea nor Is Govenor Arnold. Arnold aka Mr. Big Stuff doesnt give two shits in a shoe box about anything other than his political career. From what I hear from my sources on Muscle Beach he has turned his back on his fellow MUSCLE PUBLIC.
I wish her the best and I hope she keeps her spirits up and keep going. But it is still wrong what she did… but she deserves as well as everyone a chance. But as far as TITUS is concerned…. NO! only because when he went to jail for his own shit! He decided to go to MISSIONSMUSCLE and talked about people who are taking STERIODS and said that he knows for a fact that JAY CUTLER is doing it as well as other people. He is exposing that JOE WEIDER and more important people are supplying Bodybuilders with Steriods. Now thats wrong!
tHE STORY BELOW IS WRITTEN BY: WESSEX MANJAILED BODYBUILDER SALLY McNEIL AGAIN LOSES APPEAL, BUT FIGHTS ONBy Wessex Man Valley State Prison for Women, California — Athlete and bodybuilderSally McNeil, now behind bars for over nine years, has run into freshroadblocks in the U.S. legal system. After a couple of unfavourable decisions by the U.S. Supreme Courtshe’s been turned down yet again in California’s appellate circus. “Ihave bad news to tell you,” she wrote in a recent letter. “Two of thethree judges handling my case on the 9th Circuit Court agreed not tore-overturn my verdict.” “However one of the judges dissented in my favour and my attorney isappealing again to the Supreme Court. He said he’d never give up.” Now 44-year-old Sally figures that in another six months or so shecould be in a position to plead for clemency to Governor ArnoldScharzennegger. To reach that point she says she needs to exhaust all theappeal levels available within the court system. “I didn’t expect the 9th Circuit not to re-overturn my verdict.But boy was I wrong. I was O.K. this morning and last night when I gotthe Legal Mail from my lawyer. Now I’m crying as I write this letter toyou.” It’s understandable that anyone vaguely following the SallyMcNeil saga since 1995 is completely at sea. The appellate process hasbeen so complex and lengthy. Her claims are based on alleged misdirectonof the the jury at the original trial. She’s also raised a number ofpoints including precedents set in Battered Women Syndrome cases. The fact that she shot and killed her second husband Ray McNeil,a Mr California, was never in doubt. Meanwhile Sally remains a remarkable world class personality. Injail she’s running track for at least 100 miles per month and the rest ofher physical training program is as Olympic as the limited facilitiespermit. “Hello again and how are you doing ?”, she says in a more upbeatnote just received. “I’m doing pretty good. I’ve just run seven milesfollowed by 150 push-ups and 100 dips. I did 30 reps for my first set ofdips, then 60 pull-ups and 25 sit-ups. Now I’ve just showered so “Itfeels Good” as James Brown sings.” Sally plans on becoming a Celebrity Physique once again whenshe gets free. In fact she’s lost quite a lot of muscle while in jail dueto the absence of weight traning equipment. But her body retains thelithe strength of the panther who once held the U.S. Armed ServicesPhysique Championship for two years (women’s middle weight, 1988, ‘ 89). Sally is still very much a U.S. Marine in spirit. And she’sgoing to be calling on all the support she can muster if a clemencyappeal goes before the California governor. She remains well-knowninternationally, primarily through internet, but realises that thebodybuilding fraternity failed to speak up for her before she wassentenced to life in 1996. Hopefully she’s probably right to believe that opinion must beswinging back in her favour. She’s paid a such huge price for whathappened. Anyone wanting to offer moral support can reach her at thisaddress: SALLY M. McNEIL, #W62688, Valley State Prison for Women, D2-27-4Low, P.O. Box 92, CHOWCHILLA, CA 93610-0092, Unted States of America.

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