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Straight women vs, Gay Men- Is our taste in men different or sometimes the same

Dear People,

Once again here we go again.  I am not saying anything against GAY MEN at all.  I have always been curious if  Gay men and straight women were in the same room….. Would we agree on who’s hot and who’s not.  As a woman… I see muscles, a great muscular ass, height and weight.  But maybe what I think is hot…. a gay man does not.  I am going to do research this weekend and get a couple of pictures of gorgeous and busted men.  I am going to call my gay peoples for Lunch and take a poll to see if we would agree who is hot and who is not.  Everytime I get curious I get myself into trouble.

But hey if I am curious…. Im frigging curious.  Hear is a blog I happened to come across about my favorite guy.  Now I happen to find this guy hot!  but a gay man said hell no! and that got me curious…

Friday, January 06, 2006

What Happened to Chris Duffy?Apparently he’s gotten married. If you check out his profile at bigmuscle.com you can see pics of Chris’s partner whom he identifies as his “husband”. His husband is thirty-three and appears to have a fairly regular build – not the big muscleboy look that I would have imagined. So, you see, there’s hope for all the ectomorphs who hope to land a bodybuilder husband.

I have to say, I don’t think Chris has aged all that well. Back in the 80s/early 90s when Chris was competing, I thought he was so sexy. He seemed to have a little “edge” about him, and though he was quite articulate, he sometimes seemed a little “out there”. His posing trunks pushed the envelope with their lack of fabric; they often rode up into the crack of his ass to give a great show of his shredded glutes. Boy did Chris know how to show off his glutes!

I guess that was a taste of what was to come (no pun intended) with his porn career as “Bull Stanton”. When I found out that Chris had done porn, I rushed out to buy the mag that published some photos (Honcho, I think). Back then, I’d suspected Chris might be gay but articles in the muscle mags made reference to a girlfriend. Still, I wondered…needless to say, may gaydar was correct.

I have to admit, once Chris began doing porn and I saw him naked in porn scenarios, his appeal to me dwindled. I saw a video where he impaled himself on a huge dildo and that pretty much clinched it. Too much for my taste. In his recent photos, Chris looks like he’s lived hard and fast. His arms are completely covered with tattoos, with more body art spread across his back. I’m not a big fan of tats either. Totally not the Chris Duffy I fantasized about over a decade ago.

So, I find Chris’s evolution to be a little extreme and out there. But, then again, many would find my musclelust to be a little extreme and out there.

To each his own…

The one thing i happen to respect is when the gay man said ( To each is own) that means what he doesnt find appealing maybe someone will.  In some peoples mind…. Chris Duffy is the same hot bodybuilder from back in the day and he looks like Mr America 1992. We all have aged in our life time…. Now you need to see the older version of 1992.  I used to be hot as fuck.. Now I am a hot old fuck…… SWEET!




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