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Leyla is talking to Karen on the phone and then there was a slam at the front door. Leyla hanged up the phone and walked in the living room with her hands folded looking at Trip and Eric. Tripp said “ Before you speak I want to tell you one thing, I feel that it is in our best interest that we get a divorce. We are no good for each other and I cause you pain and you cause me pain. It doesn’t make any sense. Leyla walked a step closer and point her finger in Tripp’s face “ This pussy told you to say that to me. Leyla started yelling “ why the fuck! Did you not tell me that this house belongs to Erik! Why didn’t you tell me.

Erik yelled back and said “ The reason why if you must know before you pack your shit up and get the fuck out of here and his life! Let me enlighten you! Everything that Tripp’s worked for and brought to you, went up your fucking nose. Tripp put his hand on Erik shoulder and said “ Easy Erik, I have to do 2600 hours of community service and a $ 10,000.00 dollar fine for choking a bitch, you don’t want the same my brother. Leyla yelled “ You let that motherfucker talk to me like that huh! I’m your wife Tripp! Tripp walked up to Leyla and put his hand on her shoulder and said “ We will talk in a minute okay, let me get rid of Erik and we can decide what is best for us. He kissed Leyla on the head and walked to Erik and explained to him that he just want to talk to Leyla and he will give him a call later. They gave each other a pound and hugged each other and Erik walked out of the door. Tripp turned back and looked at Leyla and gave a gesture for her to sit on the couch and she did just that. Tripp sat down next to Leyla and made a big sigh! Leyla reached over and stroked his head and said “ How did we come to this Tripp?” We were Mr. and Mrs. America and now what are we Tripp? Tripp looked at Leyla and said “Mr and Mrs. Gay for Pay crack heads” They both laughed at what Tripp just said. Tripp told Leyla that he was in jail and thinking about a lot of things that could affect them both. He said “ I have to do movies and get some consistent escorting gigs in order for us to live. We lost everything Leyla and our business is on the street. Tripp laid down on Leyla’s lap and said “ I love you, but I married you for the wrong reasons and I ruined your life. I promise you that I will take good care of you and make sure no one hurts you.” Then Tripp started to sneeze and rub his nose because he just caught a wiff of Leyla’s smelly crotch and got real disgusted.

He got up real fast and got off the couch abruptly. Leyla was confused and wondering why Tripp looked so angry “ tripp whats wrong?” Tripp knew if he told his beloved wife about how stink she was, he would end up back in jail and he didn’t have the strength to fight her again.

The phone rang and the FLASHING NAME on the phone was RED BULL. Tripp didn’t want to answer but he knew he had to. Tripp answered the phone and RED BULL started talking before Tripp could say anything. Red Bull said “ Hey there TANK! What’s going on. What is my son doing at this time. Tripp got so mad and said “ I am not your son RED and since you called to see how I am feeling because you are so concerned “ What do you want?””Red said with sarcasm “ Now! Now! Now! You listen to me. Your sweet ass belongs to me now. If it wasn’t for me making this shit go away, You wouldn’t be standing there getting fucking stupid with me. Now lets get to business because I need to dive in the fruit of your labors, I got a client, he is an older gentlemen and he is a big fan of yours back in the day. He is willing to pay for Mr America to suck his dick in the amount of $1,500.00. Of course I get $1,200.00 because I bailed your sorry ass out and I paid your fine. You owe me Motherfucker!

Write down the fucking address hold on! Red put the phone down and Tripp went looking for a pen and a paper before Red got back to the phone. Tripp was looking at Leyla and shaking his head because he knew that he just promised her that he was going to take care of her even if he has to suck and old wrinkly dick. Red came back to the phone and yelled “ Are you there asshole? Tripp said “ Yeah Red! I am here, give me the address. Red told him 3456 NW 36th Street in Miami at the Laquinta Inn Hotel. Red said “ You will be meeting Doctor Mark Solomon who is a Plastic Surgeon. Be there by eight and don’t be late. Tripp said okay fine I’ll be there, I am well aware that I get only 300 dollars out of the deal. How many hours do I have to do this? Red said “ until he is finished with you, Don’t fuck up this deal and you have to use your stage name TANK. TANK the bodybuilder. That’s who you are from now on. Tripp was getting angry and he knew that he had to contain himself because he knows that RED is a sensitive character and could hurt him and Leyla at a moments notice. Red hanged up the phone and then Trip hanged up his phone. Leyla got up off the couch and asked with fright within her and said “ What the fuck did RED want Tripp? Tripp said “ I am no longer Tripp, call me TANK. Tripp is dead tonight and Tripp has a job to do.

Tank ran up the stairs and went into the bathroom to shower for his first gig as TANK the escort. Tank got out of the shower and heard a laughter of a male. Tripp dried his face and looked in the mirror and saw BIG DADDY looking at him smiling. Tripp was frozen with fear and couldn’t move. BIG DADDY said “ Well, boy how’s it going! It looks like you got a new daddy who is collecting on his ass kicking. If I were you I would do away with that RED character. Tank screamed “ Shut the Fuck up! Leyla came in the bathroom and said “ I didn’t say anything! Whats wrong? Leyla reached over and hugged him from behind and said” Tripp I love you and I wish I could be the wife you wanted and be able to give you a child that we dream of. BIG DADDY shaking his head laughing and said “ Tank! Or whoever the fuck you are, As long as you have this bitch around son, You will be taking it up the ass forever.

Tank called Erik and left a message “ Yo Erik Red called and gave me a job. I don’t trust RED. Meet me at 3456 NW 36th Street in Miami at the Laquinta Inn. I am suppose to me this old guy to clean his old pipes.

Tank put on his clothes and grabbed his car keys and headed out of the house to go do this job at the Laquinta Inn. Tank was driving 263 miles to MIAMI to do this thing for RED. He called Erik again on his cell phone and Erik picked up quick and said “ Im here waiting on you at the Laquinta Inn. Tank was confused and wondered how the hell did Erik get down to Miami so fast(3 hour drive). Erik answered “ Hey Tripp! I know what your thinking what the fuck am I doing down here! Well I had to see RED for business which I will discuss with you later when you get here.

Tripp just answered okay see you then and hanged up.






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