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Would you accept a Chris Duffy to leave you for a Steve and come back to Eve.

Would you accept a Chris Duffy to leave you for a Steve and come back to Eve.

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I have not finished my research yet but I did come across some stuff that troubled me. okay here we go! Christian Duffy or better known as Chris Duffy answered an add and got hooked up with a man back in the day during his bodybuilding time(MR AMERICA), but yet was married to his wife(BOVINO). And the rumor was his wife enjoyed when the DUFF( Thats my affectionate name for Chris Duffy because I think he was hot before and he is hot now in my eyes) Well anyway! the rumor was that BOVINO which is aka Joanie (JONI- The tattoo he still has on his gorgeous shoulder) likes it when he was with other men.

Here is my question to anyone out there? Is he really gay as everyone has said? I know he fucked or probably still fucks men.. But again, I am hearing or I heard from a reliable source that he is dating woman in TAMPA and they all know what he does and they dont care( which is escorting).

Then I found out earlier that he was married before he met BOVINO… and BOVINO was his wifes best friend. And then BOVINO and DUFF started working out together and fell in love and got married. Soooooo! He was married two women and is now dating women.. Is he gay? or just BISEXUAL. He said on a previous interview that he doesnt like labels or dont believe in labels.. something like that… But, it seems to me that he likes the ladies and fucks men for money. The reason why men called him a HOMOFAG and all that homphobe shit! Is because they felt that there HERO end up pulling a Rock Hudson! When I found out Rock Hudson was Gay! I almost choked on a SUBWAY sandwich.. Not because I was disgusted at all. I was mad because my fantasy for fucking Rock Hudson has ended that night when he kissed CHRYSTLE on DYNASTY and died of AIDS. Now! the guys that looked up to the DUFF… Were there fantasies over like mine was for ROCK HUDSON.

Dont get me wrong… I dont hate a single soul for any reason. I only hate people that abuse children and animals. I also hate racist people as well. Why would you hate a man or woman for being gay. Gay people are people too. So if Chris Duffy or any gorgeous man wants to be with another man.. Let them go.. They have to do what makes them happy as the rest of us. Then on another level…. He is running off with Steve and then as woman you ask your self… I got Titties, I got ass and I got three holes whats the problem. I guess you are wondering what holes I am talking about….
VAGINA HOLE, ASSHOLE AND MOUTH HOLE. Personally I wouldnt want a Flip Flop man but they are out there and either you accept him fucking other dudes or you don’t.

Christian Duffy a.k.a. Chris Duffy, and Bull Stanton – an American professional bodybuilder and actor who was the first well-known bodybuilder to appear in gay pornography starting in the mid 1990s with the Tom of Finland Company.[88]
In the sex worker industry, the term may also be applied to straight and bisexual people of all genders (including “male escorts“) who have sexual contact or scenes with a client or another sex worker of the same gender. Although sexual contact is often involved, sex scenes or solo scenes (like masturbating to climax) or even a BDSM scene for the client’s stimulation can take place. Sexual arousal without direct sexual contact may also occur in such niche trade like muscle worship. As in porn work, a gay-identity is not necessary to make money from a gay clients and consumers.





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