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SUPERMAN AKA CHRISTOPHER REEVE had gay affair with Cal Culver gay pornstar. Did he or didnt he?

Okay this is it right here! Right the fuck here!

GAY PORN STAR.. CASEY DONOVAN aka Cal culver who died in 1987 of an AIDS-related illness .. Who starred in BOYS IN THE SAND in 1971 had sex with Christopher Reeve ( Our Superman).

Cal Culver was the first the very first (REALLY) to turn Gay escorting in to the ICON it is today.  Cal culver wrote in his journal that he felt that he sexually liberated SUPERMAN.  Cal Culver the porn star FUCKED our superman ( wrapped that shit around your head a couple of times) WOW!   Superman dumped him because he found out that Cal Culver was a GAY PORN STAR under the name CASEY DONOVAN….

BUT!  and I mean a big BUT! ( Not the ass BUTT… but  the BUT BUT in a sentence) Didnt Superman kiss Michael Caine the actor in a movie they did together playing his gay lover in 1982 in the movie DEATHTRAP.  How ironic…  I rented that movie last night and did my research and he played the jealous gay lover very well.  I am not saying a damn thing DAMN IT ( DONT BE MAD AT ME I ONLY REPORT)

Culver ( FROM THE DEAD) just published a book called Hollywood babylon strikes again! Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again!: More Exhibitions! More Sex! More Sin! More Scandals Unfit to Print by co-authors Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince.

Superman died @ age 52.. Imagine he was alive today and this came out!  Would it be this year he would be dead! Think McFly Think!


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