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Dear People,
This is what I dont get! Here is a woman who has been doing porn and even has her own porn website and was able to compete in Bodybuilding. How come she wasn’t ridiculed like Chris Duffy.

Yvette Bova owns her own porn company and she is making the $$$$ and using her muscle in porn. This is around the time Chris Duffy was doing the porn. She was out and open with her porn site…. So…. how come this female Bull stanton didnt get the angry emails he did.

Angry blogs and angry homophobes. This woman dont give a shit… she is going to do her and thats that, The problem I had with Chris Duffy was that he was doing drugs so bad it changed his appearance on his face and body. But now he is okay and he is getting his education. I just wanted to prove a point that there was more than 1 BULL STANTON’s to a 1,000.00. Look at her Yvette Bova bodybuilder stats.. Its incredible and the porn dont seem to hurt.

Yvette Bova (born April 6, 1969), is an American female bodybuilding champion and pornographic actress, born in Junction City, Kansas.[1] She won the Lightweight National Bodybuilding Contest in 1997.

Yvette has won several bodybuilding titles in Seoul Korea; she was Ms. Far East for 2 years in a row, also taking the Best Poser award both times in Okinawa, Japan. She took second in the Women’s Lightweight Division at Guam’s National Bodybuilding Championship; 1st place winner in the Women’s Lightweight Division and 2nd place in the Mixed Pairs Division in the 1997 Marjo Selin’s Muscle Classic in Maui, Hawaii. 1997 Hawaii Armed Forces Lightweight Division and Overall Winner also Best Poser on Oahu, Hawaii. 1999 Designer Body Muscle & Physique State Championship; Women’s Open Bodybuilding Division, Overall Winner; 3rd place in the Women’s Middle Weight at the 1999 Paradise Cup on Oahu, Hawaii. Most recently guest posed at the 2000 Hawaii Armed Forces Bodybuilding Championship

Contest history

  • 1996 Guam’s National Bodybuilding Championship – 2nd (LW)[3]
  • 1997 Marjo Selin’s Muscle Classic – 1st (LW), 2nd (Mixed Pairs)
  • 1997 Hawaii Armed Forces Championship – 1st (LW), Best Poser (Overall)
  • 1999 Designer Body Muscle & Physique State Championship – 1st (LW and Overall)
  • 1999 Women’s Open – 1st (Overall)
  • 1999 Paradise Cup – 3rd (MW)

Won numerous contests in Asia including being Ms. Far East 2 years in a row
[edit] Filmography

  • 2006 – Land of the Amazons

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    January 10, 2011 at 8:15 pm

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