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David Beiber from Florida was in a partnership with Mark Mueller in selling Steroids. David Beiber wanted to control the business and take Mark Muellers girlfriend Danielle. Danielle was fucking both of them at the same time. She claims that she love Mark Mueller but David was much more fun to be with (slut). After Beiber killed Mark Mueller he stole an identity of a dead 6 year old that died in 1975 and bought the birth certificate and named himself Nathan Wayne Colemen. What I found fascinating was… He fooled the cops by applying for his driving license at Tennessee which led the cops to believe he was in Tennessee. That shows the police department was not smart because why would a murderer use his real name and move to another state knowing we can track him down DUH! By the time they realized they were on a wild goose chase… David was in England. David lived in England with a new identity and working as a Bouncer in a club for 8 years. The reason why he got caught because of a Stolen BMW and that he wanted to be king of the world and be the steriod king and unfortunately he shot and killed a police officer in England. Now he is serving life in prison with no PAROLE.
The goverment states that steriod fulled Bodybuilders are committing these crimes because of the use of steriods. It is not the steroids that puts them in a trance and tells them ” COMMIT AWFUL CRIMES” It is the market demand of steriods and the easy money that can be made by it. Its like crack cocaine.. You can make 50,000.00 in one day by selling cocaine. Its the demand of the market that makes it easy to sell if you are not making it in the economy. If these bodybuilders and anyone for that matter can fall into the deep abyss to make ends meet. That goes to show you that our country is not doing well and we are not being protected with FREE medical care and decent wages to fufill our dreams and provide for our family.


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