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Did you know that doing the bull stanton is the money maker for some bodybuilders? Let me enlighten you.  I had a conversation with a bodybuilder who knows the in’s and out’s of the BB world.  He told me that most of these bodybuilders are not as rich as you think they are.

They have to pay at least 400.00 for comp cards and then you have to promote yourself to the fullest if you are not a FLEX WHEELER or a JAY CUTLER to at least get looked at.  What are the chances of you even coming close to a contract of endorsements.  Thats like winning the lotto.  What he did say was that he has made more money as an escort than a bodybuilder.  He said that one incredible night he collected $ 1,200.00 for three men he fucked.  The next day he had lunch with two semi- top bodybuilders and a promoter and had to pay for the check because they didnt have the money. 

My friend also told me that FLEX WHEELER  has a $ 300,000.00 a year contract .  And that he gave up any chance at winning Mr Olympia to make the 300 thou quid.  He said that all the other guys in the top pros are lucky to even make $50,000.00 a year.   He also said to me that there is hardly any money in endorsements because marketing realize that  THE PRO’S dont sell the products for them….. not really.  The money is not there anymore for these TOP PRO’s.  These guys have to Travel to JAPAN and all these foreign places to compete and wrestle to make money.  What he told me was… that by taking the route of escorting.. His bills are paid and he is able to finance his passion which is Bodybuilding.

He said that he is not gay and he still loves the company of woman…. But said that there is no way that he can ever find a decent job that would pay him well.  He said that all he does is pop viagara and get hard and think about his girfriends coochie and go to town.  He said that he doesnt suck cock or get cocked in his ass.  His frequest customers are satisfied that he fucks them and nothing else.   But he said for the right price he will bottom and he has made that offer.

The customers he has offered refused to pay $2,000.oo for his butthole because they cant afford it (recession).  He said other than that he is not bottoming at all.  My friend said… Dont be fooled by the flashy cars and the expensive sun glasses…. Those vehicles are rented.  He said that a star bodybuilder that we know rents expensive vehicles and swaps the license plates to show he owns the maybach or lambourghini.  He said that it is all bullshit and dont believe the hype.


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