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This story is some serious shit right here, I spoke to my bodybuilder friends and has informed me that they hate sleeping with a female bodybuilder on Anabolic Steriods or any type of steriods because when they get aroused there clitoris look like your index finger and they smell like a Soccer team in 90 degree weather. They said they hate the deepened voice and they have monkey hair if they dont wax in the off season. They said for a muscle guy(not all) They like a soft voice of a woman and a little softness. I think personally that female bodybuilders are so pretty and they have dedication but some men in the bodybuilding world dont find them attractive. These guys and some others have said that its not the pussy that stinks… It’s the overall body order …and the sweat has a order like a dude hasnt showered for days working in a mine.
One of the guys told me that his girlfriend voice dropped a couple of octaves ( Thats lower than BARRY WHITE voice) She grew hair on her chest and her back down her anus, He said that her nose grew HUGE and her jaw live widened. He said that she was always aggressive and since she juiced herself up… she would get mad if he dropped something on the floor and dont pick up it quick. He said that she tried to stab him.. chased him around the apartment and cut his left shoulder blade.. he had to get over 100+ stitches. He had to leave town and change everything because she was constantly stalking him crying and screaming. he said that he had to stop competeing because in fear she will find him. Another bodybuilder friend of mine said that pretty much he had a girl like that and she had hair everywhere and she was loosing her hair like a older man. This other bodybuilder said the same thing but he said he wanted to have children and she stopped having her period and she couldnt have children. Besides smelling like a min working and growing hair like a monkey.. Is it worth it?

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