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Okay here’s the weird part.  I decided for myself that I was going to stop writing about him… People ask for more. I get emails all the time about my next Chris Duffy adventure.. lol.. There is no adventure! I made a couple of calls the Escort websites and tried to leave messages with a friend of his on muscular development.  I also left a message with PORN STAR  TRENT FOSTERS on google.  I dont know Chris Duffy… and I never spoke with him.  As I was telling a friend today ,that one day I did see him working out  at a GYM once.  I wanted to talk to him so bad .. but he was focused on his workout.  He wore too much Workout clothes for my taste but it is what it is. 

I was watching a 7 minute video of MUSCLE GARAGE and let me tell you.. Besides what was going on… Chris Duffy’s Body was sick ( I MEAN IT WAS HOT )  This guy is Huge bodywise and he definetely WELL IN DOWED.  When they said that White men dont have size….. THATS A FUCKING LIE… I have seen a couple (ON MOVIES- DONT GET FRESH!) The ones I seen are as big as a donkeys dick.  The kind of dick that would rip your UTERUS OUT.

I dont care what anyone said…. When I heard he looked bad and bloated.. I decided to check it out.  A friend of mine told me where he worked out in FLORIDA.  ( I AM NOT SAYING  WHICH GYM OR THE ADDRESS EITHER….. BECAUSE I DONT WANT HIM HARRASSED in any way.  There are people out there that say mean things about him on the BLOGS and they are fucking crazy and might go looking for him  to tease him and I dont want to be responsible for that.  I saw him once and only once.. let the poor man be and live his life out without harrasment.  To me Chris Duffy is like a deer in the woods where you dont make a sound… You just look and admire and walk away and never to return to his humble place.   To set the record straight on his looks… HE LOOKS GOOD.


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