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Dear People,

Lets get to the point…  This male pornstar/bodybuilder/escort has been pulling a BULL STANTON with a wife who has no trouble having her husband fucking other men for money ( ON Camera and OFF) He had a big site with over 5-6,000 people telling him how sexy he is on a daily basis on MYSPACE.  He had a big popular page which shows him flexing his big muscles and a couple of  You Tube work out sessions. Now he is trying to pass off as a full time personal trainer. 

I think I have mentioned this before on a blog I written about ” DONT CAST STONES IF YOU ARE A BULL STANTON TOO.  I also mentioned that he had a girlfriend who is well known and also in the pro’s and they are no longer together because he was too emotional and couldn’t stand her success. He was hoping that her sponsors would pick him up but they didnt because they found out what he does on the sly.  He dumped her right after Christmas… Heartless!

The female bodybuilder was also on a famous porn site where she would flex her muscles for men and woman in a white room with a wooden chair in the middle of the room.  The funny part was.. It seems like he decided to make a life again with the wife and she looks like she is just going with the ride.  what I mean is…If you look at his FB page… at first he puts him and his wife kissing with all the information that he is married and is a PERSONAL TRAINER  wink wink! And now… He has a picture of himself with his cat.  and if you look at her FB she doesnt indicate that she is married at all.  He totally revamped himself from Porn GOD to ‘Im just a personal trainer with a big heart” and on his MYSPACE that he got rid off  he talked about how big his 7 inch uncut COCK and how he loves Transvestites and macaroni and cheese.

On his MYSPACE page, he only mentions that he is in a relationship…. But he never mentioned he was married.  If you look at a YOU TUBE show of him and his wife.. They look like two friends.  Then there is another short stint of  a  film made of a couple of young men were fucking and he was on the film saying ” OOOH thats hot”  then one of the young men was sucking his dick and the camera shot this.  i am not judging or trying to expose for the sake of exposing.  I found that whole situation weird. And you know.. whatever bothers me I have to write about until it makes sense.


You married a bisexual who does porn and he likes macaroni and cheese

Then he prostitutes himself and does GAY FOR PAY films

He dates a musclebound female who knows what he does as well… and even joined him on his website kissing his dick

and the musclebound girlfriend has a voice like BARRY WHITE.

My whole point of the matter is….  Its weird because.. The original Bull Stanton(Chris Duffy) has a tattoo of his wifes name on his shoulder.  This guy has his wifes intials on his body.   Both wifes have real jobs to help support there men.

The only difference with the both of them is…. Chris had a man as a boyfriend at the time and Bull stanton jr had a girlfriend who kinda looks like a man I guess its close enough.  I would call this situation BULL STANTON JR.  Oh yeah there one more difference …. Chris Duffy wife was a body builder.  In any case.. This is what came to me in my brain the similarities of these two gorgeous men.


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