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WWE wrestling is a joke and it should be stopped.  I was one of those idiots in the 80’s that believe that wrestling was real and I wanted to Fuck ROWDY RODDY PIPER and the ULTIMATE WARRIOR at the same time while STING watched. ( I AM JUST JOKING! HAHAHAH! NOW WOULD I DO THAT like Steve Urkel.  No I wouldnt do that  it’s nasty people! 

Because what I would have really done was fuck them one at a time and bottled there sperm for future procreation.  Anyway wrestling is a joke and I think they were the real idiots to activate the whole Steriod thing.  The wrestlers were getting themselves in a lot of trouble and blaming it on Steriods.  The whole wrestlin sport is as fake as PAM ANDERSON BOOBS!

Steriods did not make them beat there wives, kill themselves, kill other people and massive drug problems.  Steriods didnt make them want the taste for crack.  Those WWE wrestlers  had issues from day one.  They had bitches and a lot of money thrown at them all day everyday.  If you didnt have the self control or know the difference from right or wrong….. Wouldn’t you do the same dumb shit they did? Ofcourse you would.

Vince MCmahon gave the wrestlers everything they need and didnt need.  he supplied them with Steriods, prostitutes, alcohol and etc.  Because of his actions and the Wrestlers actions, That kind of brought down the Bodybuilding Sport.  Even I thought that Bodybuilders were drunken drug addicts like the Wrestlers on WWF.  The worst part of this was…. Wrestler Chris Benoit from Canada killed his wife, his son and himself.  The idiot news people said it was the Steriods.  AH! no it wasnt! It was the combination of  CRACK, COCAINE, VICODIN, HEROINE AND THEN THE STEROIDS.  The WWF wrestlers made a mockery out of  clean family fun of Muscle Worship.  We all thought that all Muscle men were assholes that were gay and steroid monsters because of those losers in the WWF.

Little boys wanted to grow muscles for the wrong reasons to be HULK HOGAN and all the big wrestling Idiots.

I cant wait for the WWE aka WWF to wither away and die!  Because once that ridiculous fake wrestling  stops…. We can now respect and support Bodybuilding completely.


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