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Dear People,

What I am about to say may be wrong and I might get smoked for it.  I wouldnt be me if I did not say this.  This Roman Catholic priest stole over a million dollars for male prostitutes.  Okay! let me say this again.. I said a Roman catholic priest ( a step away from the pope) stole 1.3 million to get his dick sucked and ass rimmed okay!

I went to catholic school my whole life and I had confession, penance, ate the body of christ and drank his blood. Which we both know is nothing but sugared styrofoam(body of christ) and the blood of christ is a bottle of  BOONES which is the cheap ass wine you get at the supermartket.

This is my opinion… I think before you become a priest you need to go out there and fuck. I am talking about older grown men and women. Not fucking children okay! Grown ass men and grown ass women!  Dont fuck the animals either!  I think priest should have the right to dip his dick in the manhole okay!  By not allowing them to fuck… It causes problems for children and the church.

I dont think masterbation is a sin… Or else we would not know how to do it.  Apparently pulling your pecker is not enough anymore for the so called men of GOD.  There are homeless families right now that need that money and this dick used the churches money to pay for dick..


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