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Erik’s phone was ringing and flashing ( RESTRICTED). Erik picked up the phone fast “ Tripp is that you!” Erik let out a big sigh “God damn man! I was worried dude!. Trip was on the other end telling him his version and he told Eric to get a lawyer and get him the fuck out of here. Tripp was getting arraigned tomorrow and Eric was upset because he did not know any good lawyers. Then Erik thought there was only one person that can help him in this mess that Tripp got himself into “ RED BULL. Erick called Red Bull on the phone and got to the point and told him that he would need to get Tripp out. Red Bull told him that a his lawyer would be at the arraignment tomorrow and he will pay for the bail whatever it is. Erik knew that in the long run RED BULL is going collect on his favor and it wont be nice. All Erik could think about is getting his best friend out of jail at any cost. Red Bull told Eric not to worry he will handle anything for his boys.

Red Bull hanged up the phone on Eric and started smiling at Dick. Dick shook his head and said “ We got em!” RED Bull said “ When I’m finished with them, They are gonna be begging to suck my dick”. Dick was laughing and said “ What are we gonna do about the wife?”. RED BULL said “ Like we always do, fuck her!” They were both laughing. Meanwhile, Red Bull and Dick is toasting with a drink for Tripp’s and Eric’s new adventure that he has for them.

Eric is real upset that he had to turn to RED BULL for help because he know that Red Bull is sleazy. He was so angry that Tripp got himself in this shit and that fact he has to clean up after him every time. At least when he killed that guy he cleaned up his own mess. Eric always thought that Tripp was just a pussy whipped big guy with no back bone. He had to figure out a way to get rid of Leyla. That bitch gotta go! Leyla is ruining Tripp’s life with her drug problem. Erick made a phone call to Dick and told him what his thoughts were of getting rid of Leyla. Dick put Erik on speaker phone for Kenny to hear what he was saying and they were both smiling. Dick said “ Shut the fuck up Erik! as far I am concerned I don’t do what you are implying. Don’t ever fucking call me with that shit ever! Gotta go motherfucker! I got to pick up my girl and my son at the Airport. I don’t have time for you. Erik said “ Dick you got a girl and a fucking son! Get (laughing) the fuck outta here. You love butt hole as much as the next HOMO.

Dick got mad and “I’m gonna hang up this phone and forget that you just fucking disrespected me you fucking pussy. Don’t make me get a piece of that sweet ass you call a wife and fuck the shit out of her too. Erik was laughing and said” I wouldn’t give a fuck if ya did! I don’t like the bitch and Erik hanged up the phone. Dick got mad and said “ That motherfucker is gonna regret that he ever said that to me.


The police went to the cell to get Tripp to appear in front of the Judge and when the guard walked up to the cell, Pink Purse was sucking Tripps dick on the toilet seat and the guard turned around and threw up on the floor. BLAAAAAAAH! You nasty fucking Homo’s! The guard pulled out his gun and aimed it at Tripp and Pink Purse ( BIG DADDY APPEARED BEHIND THE COPS “ WELL WELL WELL! SONNY BOY YOU FINALLY GONNA GET THAT FUCKING BEATING AFTER ALL. YOU MIGHT EVEN GET THAT STICK UP YOUR ASS SONNY BOY! Tripp screamed! Shut the fuck up! Get the fuck outta here! The cop thought Tripp was talking to him but in actuality he was talking to BIG DADDY. Tripp started to walk towards the policeman and gave him a hard glare with his eyes. The police put down his gun and glared back at Tripp like he was mesmerized by Tripp and he started to tremble in his stomach and felt real uncomfortable. Tripp was sweaty and glistening with his muscle pulsating all over those bars. The cop couldn’t believe what was happening. BIG DADDY SAID “ I MIGHT BE DEAD BOY BUT I AINT A PANSY. AND YOU ARE A FUCKING PANSY AND SO IS THIS COP! YOU’RE JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER A GUTLESS WHORE! I SHOULD HAVE SMOKED BOTH OF YOU WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE! Tripp didn’t want to let off that he was speaking to a ghost of his dead father. BIG DADDY folded his arms and turned around and walked away through the walls. Tripp shook his head said “ Hey cop! What are you doing tonight? The real question is what do you want to do? The cop said in a low tone scared “ I don’t know” Pink purse mouth was open with astonishment. The cop moved closer to the cell and Tripp started to rub his penis and moaning looking at the cop. The cop was frozen with fear and crazy excitement. The cop kept watching Tripp rubbing himself. Pink was covering his mouth in amazement and said to himself “ That fucking cop would fuck Tripp right now if he could” Another cop yelled “ Yo Jimmy!” What the fuck dude? What are you doing? You homo too. Jimmy the cop said” Fuck you Al!” I ain’t no fairy! Al the cop said “ Get him the fuck out of the cell” We got to load him up on the van”

Tripp told Pink Purse “ Come here bitch!” Tripp grabbed Pink Pursed and pulled him closer to him and tongued him. The cops made a EWWWW! Sound. Al the cop said” EWWWW! You fucking fags I should smoke your fucking asses. Tripp pulled away from Pink purse “ Call me when you get out bitch!” The cops looked at each other with disgust. Come on fellas lets get this big Homo bitch outta here.

Jimmy looked at Tripp while he was handcuffing him from the back with a concerned look on his FACE. Al and the other cop took there night stick and hit Tripp in the stomach with it and Tripp went down on the floor. Pink Purse screamed like a girl. “ Don’t you hurt him! Oh my God! Al said”The next time you decide to suck dick on my watch remember I have my magic stick and I will shove it down your throat since you like to suck on shit. Now big boy! Lets fucking go! We don’t want to keep the Judge waiting. Tripp got up off the ground and with the help of the cops. Tripp was coughing uncontrollably and spit on the ground. The cops took Tripp out of the station through the back because the media was in the front. They load him on in the van and drove off.




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