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Dear People,

I called (81X) 40X XXXX to speak with Chris Duffy and this guy answered.  It didnt sound like him.  I compared the two voices from the Jimmy Z interview, and the video he did with Shawn Ray when he  was demonstrating arm curls.  It was sort of a young guy talking to me.  He said that ” we have other men to your liking” does it have to be Chris Duffy and suppose we dont have him, would you prefer something of his statuesqe.  Okay I said to myself ” Are you fucking kidding me! So I said ” Do you have him or not? Then the guy said… ” What do you want him for?” I said” I am writing a book based off of Chris Duffy and I currently want to interview him for an article I am presenting to MUSCULAR DEVELOPEMENT.  The guy got silent for a minute and he hanged up on me.  This is the profile that is under Chris Duffy

Age :      33

Height: 6’1

Weight:  265 lbs

Ethnicity: European descent

Orientation: GAY

Position:   Versatile

Endowment: Extra Large Cut

Body Type: Muscular

Main Location: Miami

Rates: 200.00 an hour

He stated that he is very good looking and very personable with no bad attitude.  He said that he is in the South Florida area mostly Miami. 

It was cool to call an escort company for my research.  So this is day number 1 of my documentary.


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