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Here is where it gets real confusing.  I have been reading blogs from other weight lifters that tells the stories of there experience and what they know about high profile body builders.  Well as you are aware I have copied and paste a story that explains the rise and fall of Chris Duffy and his exwife Joan Bovino.  Now according to this particular Blogger, he claims to know Duffy very well and that he was able to shed some light on the matter. 
This is what you call Bodybuilding DRAMA.
According to Wes, two years ago Chris Duffy chased a store owner with a pair of scissors high as a kite.  My question to you is,
What the fuck?  Is Chris Duffy still high on drugs.  According to JOAN BOVINO on her last interview, Chris is going to Nursing School with a average of 3.75.  Is that true? 
Is he or isnt he doing well?  Has he changed?  
I know from reports that Joan Bovino owns a Pet Grooming company in Tampa and she is fufilled with her career( Which that is fine and dandy) I am happy for her but, she also claims that her and duffy are still good friends.  My question again is:
If Duffy is still doing bad and is actually sick and they are still great friends, Is she helping him get his life together?
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September 06, 2008, 08:41:33 AM
Getbig IV
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When I lived in Florida,a guy that owned a surf shop in Riviera Beach told me Duffy came in to buy some trunks and was high as a kite………chased the guy around the store with a pair of scissors.

The guy also told me Duffy would get all fucked up on drugs then use valium to comedown again.


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