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**** Reference Insert***** I saw the movie NOTHIN NICE with Duffy.  I must say that he seemed like he really enjoyed himself but at the same time it is kind of hard to believe he is gay?  My question is  ” Is he really gay or is it Gay for Pay?
This article is in the old magazine of MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT about herself  ( Joan Bovino) and how Chris is doing well.  Is he really doing well? The interview he did on 2008  and that he wanted to compete again ( Was he well then?) Was that the same time he chased a surfing store owner with a pair of scissors? my Question is, Is that story true in the first place.  maybe , maybe not. 
Here is the Interview from Joan Bovino. 
“I didn’t compete again after the North Americans,” says Bovino. “I guess it was a combination of things made me decide to get on with life.  I really got caught up in the desire to win and it can be intoxicating. So when I didn’t [win], I got discouraged and depressed. While I was competing I liked the idea of being recognized on the street, and I definitely enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame and all the attention. But I had been very tunnel-focused during that time, and I just decided I didn’t want to chase that dream anymore. The dedication I had as a bodybuilder had run its course, and at that point I was satisfied to watch Chris (Duffy) continue his competitive career.”

   During those last contests Bovino had begun dating her trainer – Chris Duffy – who she married in 1993.

   “I was still very close to the bodybuilding scene after I stopped competing,” relates Bovino. Chris was actively competing at the time and I went to all the shows he entered in cluding the Masters Mr. Olympia. By 1991 I was divorced from Vinnie, and Chris and I moved back to Florida together, and we’ve been here ever since.”

   For a time after her competitive days, Bovino admits she also took a trip down a dangerous road experimenting with substance abuse and lots of hard partying. “It was crazy,” says Bovino. “And it was really stupid. It has a lot to do with the crowd you find yourself hanging out with, and I ended up going along for the ride.  I was glad I matured beyond that part of my life before I did permanent damage to myself.”

   Joan and Chris divorced in 2005 after 12 years of marriage but remain very close friends. Both are very busy on different life paths and career directions.

   Bovino, who is now 51, has created a very successful dog grooming business in Tampa and has actually had to keep the business small to give her client’s pets the best possible attention.

   “I guess bodybuilding did help with my current career,” laughs Bovino. “I can lift those 130-pound Bull Mastiffs up to the table for their grooming and trim, and most groomers can’t do that. It’s a great career and I love it. I love animals, and caring for them is very fulfilling.”

   Along with her obvious strength, most groomers aren’t as visually impacting as  Bovino either.

   “It’s pretty funny,” laughs Bovino. “People are always asking me if I’m going to compete.  It’s flattering. But I only weigh 110 pounds now (which is only five pounds less than when she entered her first contest in 1987), and that’s a long way from when I weighed 130 as a heavyweight at the North Americans. I’m still lean, and the vascularity is nuts. I have genetically muscular legs that will never go away, so when people tell me I’m in great shape, I take it as a compliment…..especiall y since I don’t train seriously at all.

   “As for Chris, he’s doing great.  He’s 47 now and going to college and is preparing to enter the nursing school program. He’s doing very well academically. His GPA is 3.75. Students consider him ‘the old guy’.  He wears glasses, but he still stands out in a crowd.  He weighs 250 and his arms are completely tattooed.

  “He’s funny,” jokes Bovino.  “When he introduces me to new people, he still calls me “his lovely wife Joan”.

   We’ll just call her ‘the lovely Joan Signoriello’.

The whole article

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   “As for Chris, he’s doing great.  He’s 47 now and going to college and is preparing to enter the nursing school program. He’s doing very well academically. His GPA is 3.75.
The whole article

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