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Chris Duffy was in front of the camera talking about how he is thinking about doing another show at that time which he came in 5th place.  He felt that 5th-10th place would have been a victory for him.

The decsion he made was based on what he saw in an article in Muscular developement with FLEX WHEELER. It wasnt what Flex Wheeler was saying… It was the way he looked in the pictures that made Duffy consider to go back on stage.

He said that the only way he would not compete would be  the cost in time. I dont have a clue what he is talking about in regards to the cost in time, but what makes sense to Duffy makes sense to him and only him with that statement.  He favors himself as being fully endowed.  The tatoos are way too much but he has a great body but he is not as big as he was in the 90’s. According to the several blogs I have researched and read, he has a montorous penis.


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