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*********** okay I am a sucker!!! I had to give it up************************



Leyla started to tremble and her eyes were wide open like she new what Erik was talking about and there is no denial. Erik continued covering her mouth and said “ From what I hear you fucking whore! You had both dicks in your mouth while your husband’s DVD was playing on the flat screen taking it up the ass. Remember this bitch! Im going to get Tripp out and you are going to leave that house. Erik removed his hand from her mouth and Leyla was coughing trying to get her breath and said “ You will never ever get me out of Tripp’s life because we both know that your in love with him too. So if you tell Tripp what I did, I can easily tell Tripp how you feel about him and that you supplied me with the drugs so that I can do what I did today and overdose. You see, Erik, you didn’t count on me living did you? Erik new that Leyla was telling the truth about him. Erik was smiling and laughing and he clapped his hands like he was giving an encore for her boldness.. Very good Leyla, very very very creative of you, but here is a food for thought you fucking volleyball bitch! That house you are living in… is not Tripps house, Its my house! You and Tripp have been paying rent to me for the past I don’t know (laughing)and your rent is due bitch for the past two months. As soon as you get out of the Hospital, Your gonna go to my home and pack your shit up and get the fuck out. Leyla rolled over on the bed away from Erik and screamed Get out! Get the fuck out you fag! Eric yelled What the fuck Tripp! What the fuck! Erik was in front of his flat screen in his room. Erik screamed Karen! Karen! Tripp got arrested. Karen came in and said Oh my God! Leyla promised she wouldn’t call the police. Erik screamed “ look at the screen he is on the news for assaulting a news girl and his shit is all over the news! Holy shit TANK is out of the TANK SON OF A BITCH. I have to find out where they took him Karen. Make some calls and I am going to the Hospital. First things first. Eric races over to the Hospital and asked to see Leyla. The nurse asked if he was family to the patient and he said he is her step brother. The nurse looked at Erik and saw hot cute he was and very charming she gave him the room number where Leyla was and instructed him to see her before he leaves ( Poor thing if she only knew). Eric made his way to Leyla and there were tubes everywhere stuck in her and the drips from the bottle going in to her arms made him so sick. Leyla was asleep and he walked up to her bed and woke her up. Leyla how are you feeling? Do you know what happened to Tripp. Leyla opened her eyes slowly and she was very groggy and sweaty and barely could make out her words. She said “ I don’t know Eric, someone came in here a nurse AND said that my husband was in a lot of trouble and that he tried to kill someone. I thought it was a dream Erik. Tell me that didn’t happen. Eric answered “ Im afraid it did Leyla and I am so sorry. I will do whatever I can to get Tripp out I promise. Leyla said “ To tell you the honest truth Erik let him suffer, I don’t care anymore. Trip has treated me like shit for so long and I cant take it anymore. Erik got mad and said “ You listen to me, Regardless of what Tripp has done he fucking paid for your habit. He did shit that he is not proud of to make you happy. Now because of you, The whole world now knows how Tripp pays his bills and certainly they know that Miss Volleyball has a sweet tooth for sugar (Erik snorted with his finger on his nose). You need to be there for Tripp because you bitched him out. Leyla kept gesturing for a drink of water. Erik reached over and poured a cup and put the straw in her mouth and said “ Leyla! Im getting Tripp a lawyer because if I don’t he will be in jail for years and you my dear who is a washed up ho will be living on the streets. Do you think for one fucking second I am going to have you live in Tripps house while he does time! Leyla started to choke on the water. Erik pulled the straw out of her mouth and threw the cup on the floor with force and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration and said “ You might not care for Tripp. Erik took his hand and covered her mouth and said “ How would you think Tripp will take the news that you had a 3 way orgy with Kenny Ruggiero and Dick huh! How do you think Tripp will take the news that you exposed him to Sleaze bag Kenny for coke. And by the way, Kenny is not that big surprisingly, and you wanna know how I know that! Let me enlighten you Leyla. You looked so out of shape on camera, don’t you know that the camera adds 10 pounds. Oh yeah! How did you manage to get Dick Gerth big cock in your mouth! I was actually impressed with Dick’s big cock in a tiny little mouth. But then again, you always had a big mouth( laughing) looks are very deceiving when it comes to you huh Ms. USA!

The nurse ran in and said “ What is going on here and why are you upsetting her? Erik left her bed side and walked towards the nurse and said “ My poor poor sister, she hates the fact that she has to go to Rehab. Leyla yelled “get him the fuck outta here nurse! He is not my fucking brother! He was trying to kill me call the police! Erik shook his head to the nurse and said “ please take care of my sister she is all I have” and he walked out of the room and walked down the hall and saw the nurse that let him in and smiled and said “ I will be back for you baby. I am burning for you and I need a rectal thermometer to show you how hot I am for you and he blew her a kiss and got on the elevator. The nurse was enthralled with Erik and she waved at him and he waved back at her.


Tripp was screaming and acting crazy “get me the fuck outta here! You fucking assholes I need to make a call. The guard came and said “ maybe if you calm the fuck down I will give you the phone. Yo man! I am so mad at you! I was a big fan of yours and now your sucking dudes dicks. What the fuck dude! Anyway make yourself at home because you gonna be in here for a minute dude! What a fucking shame and the guard walked away. Tripp was in a silent shock what the guard said to him.

A feminine male voice came out of nowhere and said “ Don’t worry about him, he’s a fool. Tripp turned around and saw this cute skinny young man. This young man had natural blond curly hair and beautiful blue eyes. The young man had perfect full lips and was dressed in pink and he had a pink purse. He was so adorable. Tripp said “ My shit is fucked up and I just want to call my best friend to get me outta of here. The feminine male in pink came closer to Tripp and held out his hand and said “ Hi my name is pink, pink purse if you want. Tripp looked at him and said “: you named yourself after your purse? Now I really got to get the fuck outta here. Pink Purse said “ No No No honey! don’t get it twisted that I am going to allow you to insult me. Pink Purse was about 5’5 to Tripps big frame of 6’1 250lbs bodybuilding body. Tripp just laughed and sat on the bottom bunk bed and started laughing. He couldn’t help himself but laugh at Pink purse.

Tripp asked PINK PURSE “ I know that’s your hustlers name, but what is your real name? PINK PURSE said “ I don’t reveal that to any man unless I am in love with him. Tripp just shook his head in disbelief that he got himself in this shit and ended up sharing a cell with a street hustler named Pink Purse.

Pink Purse was annoyed because he felt judged by Tripp and he walked away from Tripp. Tripp said “ Good I need the space.” Pink Purse said look do you think I want to be here even though you are as fine as hell.

We might as well make the best out of ourselves. Any hoo what is your name hot stuff because you big guys don’t have much of a personality so I figure I will help you out in this area. Trip shook his head and said “ What the fuck is this now confessions of a prostitute?” Call HBO. Since you want to be a scrotum to me and we don’t know when we are getting out of here at least I would like to know your name. Tripp gave a large sigh and said TANK! My name is TANK, I would love to give you my real name but I only give that to people who suck my dick!

Tripp took off his shirt and Pink Purse got hard immediately and screamed! Oh my God! I know you! Your Tank! The Tank!. Tripp was disappointed because he was hoping that Pink Purse would recognize him for his bodybuilding title MR AMERICA. Pink purse went on and on about the movies he made and how many DVD’s he has. Pink purse was talking about one of the best movies Tripp has ever made was called FIREMAN and the other one that came out months ago called PALMETTO’s finest. Pink Purse said “ I jack off to your movies all the time. What the fuck are doing here in jail Tank? Tripp started to tell Pink Purse everything about Leyla and her drug issues and how he choked a newswoman and etc.

Pink Purse was so fascinated that he decided to tell Tripp what was he was doing in jail. Pink Purse was caught giving a man a blow job in the Disneyworld parking lot. Tripp was laughing so hard that he actually felt better and more relaxed. Tripp felt a sense of worship that he needed. Pink Purse was going into a muscle worship frenzy and begging Tripp to Flex his muscles and Pink Purse was having a field day and Tripp didn’t mind doing it. The cops came back and was laughing at Tripp and said “ Performing for your little lady TANK! The cops were laughing even harder. Tripp know he had to calm down to be able to make that phone call. Once he makes the phone call he is going to …….



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