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Meanwhile Tripp was busy tripping over his wife, Samantha is at the gym working out with her trainer Kenny Ruggiano. Kenny is the sleaziest trainer in the Bodybuilding world and he wouldn’t stop at nothing to make sure Samantha came out on top. Kenny was selling illegal steriods and anabolic and hormone growth to weightlifters and regular shmoe’s who came to the gym and wanted to be big for the girls(morons)and Kenny also has a career as a Senior editor for BIG MUSCLE.COM magazine. Kenny was pushing Samantha to be the best and to win the Women’s competition but the last time Samantha came in second and she was mad as hell. During the interview on television last year 2006 , Samantha stated that the competition was rigged and that the Russian Magda Rosocovitch was a cheater and that she demanded an appeal against the judges. Magda shot back and called Samantha a media crybaby whore and that her large use of steroids makes her crazy. Kenny shot back and stated that Magda is a jealous Russian that lost the cold war and the insults went on and on.


Samantha is not working out to her full usual potential because she was thinking about Tripp and there night together. She had to see him again no matter what. There was something about Tripp that she had to get to know. She kept fantasizing about Tripp and there kiss until one thing that would fuck up her daydreams is Richard Dick Gerth walking towards her and smiling. Samantha was so pissed and just said “Fuck me! What the fuck does he want” Dick Gerth is a 50 year old guy who won several Bodybuilding Championships in his time, Dick was and still is a gorgeous man with a gorgeous body. Dick had it all like Tripp until he fell in love with a gay porn star and everything crashed in his life. Dick turned to drugs and started doing escorting and continued to make movies up to this day. Every now and then Dick wonders how in the hell did he manage to still make movies and escort at his age. He is still hot and it pays the bills.

Dick approached the mirror next to Samantha and started flexing and posing and said “ Ah huh! I still got it baby and I see you do to. Samantha looked at Dick with such disgust “ What do you want Dick?” Dick smiled and said “ How much are you making doing this and how does those small time sponsors that pays you for representing there fake formula’s when we both know you have the ultimate hook up. They both looked at Kenny talking to a muscle guy across the room. Samantha looked back at the mirror lifting her 100lbs weights just wondering when the fuck is dick going to leave and why is he concerned about how much she gets paid.

Samantha just kept on pumping iron and was trying to ignore Dick because if he keeps talking shit she is going to punch his face with the 100. Dick you are so sleazy when did that happen I used to admire you. Dick turn around from the mirror and said “ You still can admire me because remember because of my career move 20 years ago, you young bucks can play with your pussy on camera and still get your title. Anyway here’s my card Samantha if you decide to take care of that gambling problem you have. Samantha dropped the weight and started to walk away from Dick and said” Get the fuck out old guy before I forget I am a lady”.

Dick said “ Love you too Sammy and started laughing. Kenny walked towards Samantha with a towel and told her told her “ You ready baby?”

Samantha was rubbing her butt and gave a big sigh “ as ready as I’ll ever be. Kenny had the steroids in the towel folded nicely with the syringe and the tiny bottle. Kenny and Samantha walked to the back of the Gym in the aerobics room for privacy to do the injection. Samantha said “ Kenny aren’t you going to ask me what dick wanted. Kenny gestured Samantha to pull down her shorts for him to inject her in her butt. Kenny pushed the needle in her butt and Samantha made a tiny yelp sound. Samantha could never ever get used to the needles.

Kenny kissed her on her cheek and walked her back into the gym. Kenny was noticing the concern on Samantha’s face. Sammy what’s wrong baby, How can I ease your pain“. Samantha guided Kenny in the office in the back. Samantha started to cry and Kenny was looking for a tissue to wipe her tears Samantha said “I went to the Casino and I didn’t do nothing I swear but, okay I met this guy and I cant get him out of my mind. Kenny looked mad but he contained his anger. Kenny said “ Do I know him?” Samantha said “ Yes you do, he is Tripp Martin.” Kenny walked around the desk and wiped his face with his hands like he was ready to curse the shit out her for a reason we do not know yet. Kenny again kept his composure and he went back to Samantha while she was wiping her tears. Kenny grabbed Samantha and held her in his arms and said “ Look Samantha I love you like a sister and I don’t want you to get hurt. Tripp Martin is married and he is a Fag and he does Fag movies. Samantha removed herself from Kenny abruptly and said “ What the fuck are you talking about!” Kenny gestured for her to sit down “ Tripp Martin is know as TANK and he works for Red Bull Productions sucking dick and he is married to a old Volleyball Pro who has a serious coke problem.

Samantha yelled “ Kenny are you fucking kidding me! Tripp is TANK the porn star! He does was Dick does. Yup that’s right my love and if I was you, I wouldn’t let him stick his tongue down your throat.” Kenny walked out of the office and went to the back of the Gym outside and he was dialing the phone number and then it rang, Dick answered the phone.“Yello! Kenny yelled on the phone “ Dick! Why the fuck did you not tell me that TANK was at the Casino with Samantha. I gave you money to watch her. I don’t want to hear no fucking excuses! Your job is to get her to do the movies and I get my fucking money back! That bitch owes me 25,000.00 that she borrowed from Red. Now I told you once we get her to do the movies, we would all get paid and we would live off the Royalties. Dick screamed back “ Kenny! Shut the fuck up for a minute! Can I fucking speak! I tried to be nice to your girl and she fucking hates me, The only person that can get her to do the fucking movies Kenny is you ! You Kenny! You! Now calm the fuck down and come up with a plan and get back to me and RED! Dick hanged up. Samantha came outside and hugged Kenny and said “ Kenny what am I suppose to do with that!. Kenny said” Hey baby! It’s not bad that Tripp Martin or TANK whatever the fuck you want to call him these days. The guy has to eat I don’t judge anyone, I am just making you aware Samantha what he is that’s all. Samantha kissed Kenny “ I love you ken and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me including saving me from RED. I will never forget you and I promise you will get your money back.” Samantha walked away and Kwenny said to himself “ That’s right bitch you will give me back my money”.

Meanwhile, at the hospital Tripp is talking to the doctor about Leyla. The doctor said that Leyla overdose and that she needs to go into rehab.

Tripp kept saying to himself “ What the fuck is this all going to cost me! She doesn’t have medical and neither do I. Tripp cell phone rang and it was showing calling as SAM. Tripp answered with an attitude “Yep!” Samantha paused for a second on the phone and said “ How are you?” I was just thinking about you. Tripp was thinking to himself “I cant do this right now”. Tripp said “ Look I have something to tell you and you can take it anyway you want, my mental is stressed because my dumb ass wife decides that she wants to play a nasty joke on me and kill herself, but unfortunately she is alive to make my life one living hell. So unless you have a problem with that keep it moving, If you don’t call me later because I have to fucking figure out ho I am going to pay for the shit. Samantha said in a calm voice “ I will call you back bye. Tripp said “ bye” He smiled to himself because Samantha basically let him know that she is willing to stick around. There were a bunch men and women running with cameras towards Tripp screaming “Tripp! Tripp! Tripp! How is Leyla! Tripp was confused and mad as hell. A reporter shoved the Microphone in his face and said “ How is Leyla Tripp? Is it true you beat her up and she ended up in the hospital? There are reports that she has bruises on her stomach and her arms. Tripp yelled “ Get the fuck out of my face! Get the fuck out of my face dude! The woman reporter stated how are you supporting yourself these days Tripp? Its looks like your sponsors don’t support gay porn stars. Tripp had a confused and shocked look on his face. He thought to himself how the fuck did this happen! A female reporter shouted
“We heard from an unknown source that you are doing porn movies to support your wife’s heroine cocaine habit. Tripp was caught off guard by the reporters and the question’s Tripp thought to himself what the fuck is happening?

Then another female reporter shoved the microphone in his face yelling “ Are you following in the footsteps of Richard Gerth the famous bodybuilder that was outed a homosexual porn star? Tripp felt overwhelmed and he felt dizzy from the flashing bulbs and the crowds yelling. The security guards came to escort the news people out. A doctor was yelling “ Get out of here! This is a hospital! Take it outside! Where are the security guards do you fucking job! The crowd was getting bigger and bigger and the more they were talking and yellow out Tripps business the more angrier he got. The room was spinning and the loud voices sound like echoes and the reporters started to look cloudy. The mob scene was looking like a lynching in the south.

Then this woman reporter started yelling “ Tripp are you gay?” Come on Tripp don’t deny it be gay?” a ball of spit accidentally hit Tripps jacket and the image of the spit flying on Tripps jacket enraged him and he slipped into an abyss of what happened last night between him and Leyla (Leyla jumped off the couch and ran up to Tripp’s face and spit PATOO!) Tripp grabbed the woman reporter by the neck and started choking her. Everyone was screaming and they tried the get Tripps big hands off her neck. The woman reporter was gasping and by the time Tripp realized what he was doing. The police pulled out the taser and shot Tripp and he went down like a demolition building and passed out for a minute “ get the cuffs on this big motherfucker hurry up! The police cuffed him and dragged his 6‘1 250 lbs ass out of the hospital.


















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