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Bodybuilder Chris Duffy(Bull Stanton) inspiration for TANK

Dear People,

” THE ADVENTURES OF TANK  THE FALLEN BODYBUILDER” was inspired by the Bodybuilder Chris Duffy.  He is not the character of  Tank but his life and what he has been through inspired me to create the character TANK.  Regardless of what Chris Duffy did…. He should have never suffered the way he did.  I have read that he was heavy on drugs and he did gay porn blah blah blah.  Did anyone stop to think what was going on in his head? Did anyone stop to think that maybe something happened to him before and during his bodybuilding days why he did what he did.  There are a lot of bodybuilders right now that are doing porn and competeing in the IFFB and so on.  So how come they didnt recieve the Hall of shame as Chris Duffy did? There are a lot of people out there that are lawyers, doctors and etc that are doing webcam shows supporting themselves… Does that make them bad people.  I saw Chris Duffy 2007-2008 interview, which Jimmy Z productions did that was very impressive to me.  I felt that during the interview Chris Duffy is very intelligent and he made a lot of sense in regards to competeing in the IFBB nationals.  What made him want to do it was that he saw a magazine article of the greatest bodybuilder FLEX WHEELER and saw the pictures of  WHEELER and it inspired him to compete again. Eventhough he may be still escorting I feel that he should be competing again every year until he is recognized the way he should be recognized. i dont think that people should judge other people ” Thats Gods job not yours”

 I have never met Chris Duffy but I did admire his work back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and I hope that he is doing okay. I would love to meet him and find out what happened to him back then and how’s he is doing now.

creid3@aol.com– Email me your comments and put  ” Chris Duffy in the subject line”


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  1. Ed

    You’re 100% right!

    November 21, 2011 at 4:07 pm

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