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Co-Executive Producer- ?
Director: Claudia Reid
Editor: Claudia Reid

Muscle Samantha Dano: Pro Female Bodybuilder (36 years old)
Kenny Ruggiano: Sheila’s Trainer (42 years old and straight)
Trip Martin: Bisexual pro Body Builder (39 years old)
Leyla Martin: Trips wife (42 years old)
Erik Carducci: Trips gay best friend (42 years old)
Red Bull: Director and owner of RED BULL PRODUCTIONS.
Drag Queen Pink Purse – Drag Queen friend of Tripp (22 years old)
Danny Martin- Runaway little brother of Tripp (20 years old)
Karen Pagglio Carducci: wife of Erik hairy pussy Carducci (39 years )
Rochelle Martin – Tripp’s mother (60 years old)
Stacy Dano- Samantha’s younger sister (35 years old)Amatuer Female Body Builder
Dick Gerth- Male porn star for RED BULL PRODUCTIONS.(50 YEARS OLD)

tank [tank]
n (plural tanks)
1. large container: a large container for storing liquids or gas.

Tripp Martin is 5’11 250lbs of solid muscle and has black curly hair with iced blue eyes and the sexiest tight ass on a muscular specimen. Tripp has a big thick 10 inch COCK that made him a star just like Pamela Anderson’s boobs made her one. Tripp was born and raised in Calgary,Canada and was the only son of Rochelle and Tripp BIG DADDY Martin senior and he came from an abusive home where his father used to beat the shit out of him and his mother when he was drunk. BIG DADDY was 5’5 200 lbs short tub of a man that used to make Tripp and his mother strip naked before the nightly ritual which he calls “ THE BEATING SACRIFICE” every Friday night. BIG DADDY after work would got to the Calgary Isle bar to drink with his bar buddies to all hours of the night. BIG DADDY would come home and announce himself that he is home by yelling obscenities like “ GET IN HERE CUNT! WITH YOUR FAGGOT

Tripp was only 13 years old and he has been going through the beatings and the verbal abuse since he was 5 years old. Tripp was taller than his father and very thin and was very tired of BIG DADDYS abuse. Tripp decided that night it was either him or his father that was going to die that night.
Big Daddy screamed out “ BOY! WHERE ARE YOU SO I CAN BEAT YOUR ASS! COME ON AND BE A MAN AND TAKE THESE BEATINGS THAT IS DUE FOR YOU! YOU ARE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT OF A SON I EVER HAD!!! Tripp came down stairs fully clothed and breathing hard and crying. Big Daddy had a confused look on his face and yelled “ WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU NOT BE NAKED BOY! WHERE’S YOUR SMELLY CUNT OF A MOTHER!
Tripp walked closer with his hand behind his back shaking and coughing and Tripp yelled “ Pop you will stop beating us!” Tripps mother Rochelle comes running down the stairs and grabbed Tripp pleading “ Tripp! Please it is not worth it! Don’t do it it will be over soon! Big Daddy stepped up to Rochelle and punched her in the stomach and yelled “ SHUT YOUR HOLE YOU FUCKING CUNT! WHO TOLD YOU TO SPEAK FOR ME HUH! and Rochelle went down coughing and crying. Tripp pulled out the gun behind his back and shot BIG DADDY in the stomach.

BIG DADDY FELL BACK shocked and confused screaming “ YOU FUCKING PANSY! I’LL KILL YOU! BIG DADDY touch his stomach and saw that it was soaked with blood. Tripp raised the gun again and pointed it at BIG DADDYS HEAD and shot him again. BIG DADDY is dead. Rochelle got up quick and ran to BIG DADDY and yelled ‘WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO! Tripp was shocked and he dropped the gun on the floor and kept screaming “IM SORRY MA! IM SO FUCKING SORRY! HE WAS GOING TO KILL US! Rochelle yelled “ YOU BETTER FUCKING RUN BOY AND DON’T COME BACK! Rochelle ran upstairs and came down with a jewelry box and she took out $ 300.00 and told Tripp “ I will be fine son! Run and don’t come back! Tripp said” MA! I cant leave you ma! Please don’t make me go! Rochelle grabbed her sons face and said” You have a chance to be somebody son, I will be alright and I will pray for your safe journey. She hugged Tripp so tight and whispered with tears “ Son, I will always love you and I will be wherever you are in spirit. But you have to go now precious. Rochelle whispered in her sons ear “ That money was for you and me to run tonight”It was going to happen either way. Take care my precious baby and don’t write or come back I will find you someday. Rochelle went into the closet and got Tripps coat and pushed him out the door to never see her baby again.

Orlando, Florida 2000
Tripp Martin is called on stage to pose for the judges and the crowd goes wild and massive flashing of light bulbs. He is flexing his arms, legs, back and every muscle he has on his hard body. He is tanned 5’11 250LBS of Gibraltar. The announcer states that Tripp Martin is unstoppable and he is the guy to beat with his perfect form. After the showing of other muscle heads, it was announced that Tripp won 1st Heavyweight Bodybuilding Championship. He got a big statue for first place and he bowed and ran off the stage. Everyone was congratulating Tripp and popping champagne and the news people were interviewing him he was bombarded with people to the point where Tripp was getting overwhelmed and a muscle man came to his aid and pulled Tripp out of the crowd and led him to the shower room and locked the door.

Trip said “ Yo thanks dude for real I felt I was getting crushed by the little people. The muscle guy said no problem dude anytime and they gave each other a pound. Tripp asked the guy what is his name and the muscle guy said with a big smile “ Yeah my name is Erik Carducci I came in 10th place which is still a victory. Trip said “Hell yeah dude,” what are you 5’10 250lbs like myself? You should have won dude. Erik said with a disappointed look and said “ The real reason why I did not win and why they decided to put me in 10th place is because I am gay and I do gay porn on the side to survive. Tripp looked confused and then he shrugged his shoulders and said “ OH okay” Well I already won so how can I be down in the world of survival. Erik looked shocked and smiled and said “ You realize once you go to that side of the road you may never recover”. Tripp said “ I have a nasty habit of wanting food and a place of my own, What choice do I have dude and that is the start of the ADVENTURES OF TANK.

Erik introduced Tripp to Red Bull of Red Bull Productions. Tripp didn’t like the warehouse at all. The warehouse was in a ghetto at Palmetto Miami. RED BULL seemed like an alright guy and that he just wanted to make films and pay his actors well. Well that was the total opposite of that. RED BULL is notorious for wanting to get a full scene out of you and not pay you as promised. Erik warned Tripp to collect the money first before RED films him. That is the only way you will get your money. That’s exactly what Tripp did. Red wanted to test Tripp on a scene from this movie he was making call BULL which he later won many awards from the GRABBY AWARDS in Chicago 2005. Tripp did a spectacular job and did everything the director said. Tripp was a natural and RED was real impressed. What really impressed red was the big COCK trip has. TRIP had a huge COCK and a great Body. Tripp had a body like FLEX WHEELER the Champion.Big Cock Great Body… Who can ask for more.

Tripp was deep in his sleep dreaming about his mother and remembering the last thing she ever said to him “Take care my precious baby and don’t write or come back I will find you someday.”Tripp was talking in his sleep and screaming MAMA! When he jumped out of his sleep he first had a image of his mother and then came to the disappointing realization that Leyla his wife was standing over him instead of his mama. Its been years since he has seen his mother. He always wondered if his mother was in jail for his murder or she died.Tripp just sat up on the bed and light his cigarette and looked at Leyla with such disgust and contempt. Leyla look back at Tripp and said “ Good morning to you my love”and smiled at Tripp with her dark orange yellow teeth and her corrosive bad breath. Tripp just answered “When the fuck are you going to take a bath and brush your fucking teeth.” Leyla got up off the bed and said “ Whats the matter darling, am I not man enough for you.”Tripp started to laugh and he got up off the bed and stood up and made a loud stretching noise and all these rippling bulging muscles started moving around in a range of motion. Leyla could not help herself but salivate over her husbands naked frame. Leyla gave a deep sigh because she new that no matter what Tripp did that ruined her life, he took care of her like he promised. She just felt guilty not being able to give him the child he always wanted, but Leyla had no choice but to accept and allow Tripp to fuck men and transvestites.If Leyla was able to give Tripp children, She knew for a fact that Tripp would never ruined his life like this. Trip was in desperate need of money at the time before and after he blew up as MR USA but this was the only career that he can make fast money and put food on the table, nowadays Tripp and Leyla live in separate houses next door to each other only because Tripp does his webcam shows on the side in his house. Tripp knows that he is not as young and cute the way he was 10 years ago. He is fucking and sucking every old hairy ball paying man that calls him for a quick 500.00 FOR THE NIGHT. Tripp thinks that one day the world will accept him for what he made out of himself and embrace him again as a superstar. Now today, in the gay world Tripp is a celebrity. Tripp cant walk out on the street without being called TANK by the gay community or FUCKING HOMO FROM THE STAIGHT ASSHOLES.

Tripp just looked at Leyla real hard and remembered at one point in his life she was so beautiful. Leyla was a volley ball athlete that came to Florida to compete on South beach for the Women’s championship Volleyball tournament. It was west coast vs. east coast and Leyla Treano as she was called before she married Tripp was on the west coast team. Leyla was 6’1 built like a gymnast with no hips but she was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Leyla has natural snow white blond hair with hazel eyes. Leyla has thick full lips and her body was to die for. Tripp was on the beach with Erik Carducci cruising for young drunk frat boys that know him as Tripp Martin ( 1st Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion)( Mr Body) All the fellas wanted to be and fuck Tripp and all the woman wanted to fuck him too, that’s how beautiful he was and still is.

All the young girls were following Tripp and Erik all over the beach trying to get there attention. If these young saps knew then what they may know now about Trip and Erik they wouldn’t even bother. There was one particular young woman that was following Erik and trying so hard to get his attention. It was so obvious that Erik had to talk to the girl and find out what her problem was. Erik finally turned around and stop and asked the young lady “ What is your name sweetheart?” the young girl was giggling and screamed “ Karen Pagglio! that’s my name Karen. Erik looked at her and didn’t find her least bit attractive even though Erik was gay. For the record, just because Erik is gay that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what beauty is when he saw it and Karen wasn’t it. Karen had dark brown dull hair and she was on the chunky side. Erik was so irritated with her presence that he gave her an attitude and told her “ look, you are a very nice girl but I ain’t into you so you better go and catch up with your friends. Karen looked real upset and she just shook her head and looked away from Erik for a second and then this cute blond young guy approached Erik and said “ Hey daddy, you looking for me? Cause I’ve been looking for you all day long. Karen asked “ Who is this?” Why did he call you daddy? Erik got nasty and said to Karen “ Do I fucking know you? Why the fuck you don’t scram and beat it like Michael Jackson! Karen stood there balling and covering her face. Erik gestured to the young guy to stay where he was. Karen ran away to the point she got lost in the crowd of beach
go er’s. Trip was watching the game and focused on Leyla playing volleyball. Erik was annoyed with the fact that Tripp was so into Leyla that he screamed at Tripp “ Yo! Tripp what the fuck! Yo Tripp! I got me a baby meatball over there ready to play a different game. Lets go Tripp baby! Tripp turned around and looked at the young blond man and decided to go with Erik to hang out. Deep down whatever he was going to do, he is coming back for Leyla. As the night went on, Tripp Erik and the young man were all naked and smoking pot. Erik and Tripp were both laying on the bed and the young man was also on the bed sitting on top of Tripp gyrating and moving in motion like a lap dance. Erik motioned for the young man to come over to him and sit on his lap. The Young man was kissing Erik and reaching down for his cock. Erik said to the young man I want you to suck me off and Tripp here at the same time and watch the teeth. Tripp started laughing at what Erik said. Tripp took off his speedos and this huge hunk of meat bounced out of them. The young man was so shocked of the size of that COCK. The young man kept saying “Oh my God Tripp!” You are fucking huge! I have to put that cock in my mouth. Erik was acting weird all of a sudden. Erik said to the guy : I don’t want you sucking my cock! Your mouth is dirty! I heard about you sucking off every guy on the beach for a bag of coke. You give up your ass too easy. The young man was upset and said “ You know Erik I have been watching you on the Pro bodybuilding show and I always thought you was hot until one day my friend sticks a DVD of one of your movies called (The young man acted sarcastic and starting clicking his fingers like he couldn’t remember what the movies name) oh yeah! The name of the movie was called “ Who’s your daddy”! Yeah that’s right the name was who’s your daddy! Your dick looked like a hairy pussy with a large clit! My nephews penis is bigger than yours and he is only 5 years old. So now my question to you is “ Who’s your daddy Gary Coleman” and the young man started laughing Hysterically and Tripp was laughing too. Erik started to laugh and then he went into a rage and picked up this 100 lbs young man off the bed and slapped him across his face. Tripp was yelling “ What the fuck are you doing !” Erik clenched his teeth and starting choking the young man. Tripp jumped off the bed and ran around the front of bed and tried to stop Erik from killing the young man. As soon as Tripp grabbed his big arm, Erik made this growling animal sound and knocked out Tripp with a back elbow and Tripp went backwards and hit his head on the table knocked out cold. Hours later Tripp woke up he was laying next to the young man on the bed and he was also out cold. Trip kept holding his head was looking around and everything in the Hotel looked fuzzy. What the fuck! What happened! Erik! Erik where the fuck are you man! Tripp got off the bed staggering to the bathroom to look at his head. He felt this pressure of pain in the back of his head. He turned on the water and held his head over the sink and splashed his face a couple of times as if the male figure on his bed would just disappear after the last splash. Tripp kept calling the young man Yo! Hey! Where’s Erik you gotta go! I know what Erik did and I will give you some money for your trouble and we don’t have to talk of this again. Trip noticed the young man was not answering. Trip yelled again from the bathroom “ Hey yo! Wake up! Can you hear me! Trip was puzzled that there was no response. Tripp whispered to himself “ Where the fuck is Erik!” When I see his goomba ass for leaving this twink in my room I swear I will fuck him up! Tripp went to the wall radio and turned it on and heard the game of the volleyball tournament east coast score is 22 and west coast is 40. Which of course, that put a smile on Tripps face. Tripp went to the bed and shook the young man to get up and the young man wouldn’t wake up and his skin was cold. Tripp turned him over and there was gushes of blood drooling out of the young man mouth and and his eyes was open! Tripp jumped back off the bed shocked and he felt he was loosing air and bent over holding his chest. Tripp went back to the young man and shook him and he was not waking up at all no matter what Tripp did. The young man that was fucking DEAD.

Trip was so scared and he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t believe that Erik would leave him with a dead man. He started to panic and he heard his mothers voice say “Take care my precious baby and don’t write or come back I will find you someday and it echoed with the headache he had in his head. Tripp was so scared that he took a shower and changed his clothes and ran out of the hotel room and then he saw his fathers image in the hall way by the elevator. BIG DADDY laughed at him HA HA HA! The pansy killed me and he killed a pansy! Tripp was so scared and he was screaming. This is not real! This is not real! your dead! BIG DADDY said “ Don’t you know boy I am here with you always and I see what you do all the time! You turned out to be the PANSY I told you, you were gonna be. Today is Friday BOY! You owe me a Friday night beating on your pansy ass! BIG DADDY started laughing and he disappeared. Tripp kept pressing the elevator impatiently to get the hell out of the building. Finally when the elevator opened there was Leyla smiling and Tripp slid down the wall. Leyla got off the elevator and started fanning Tripp and asking him if he needs help. Tripp kept reassuring her that he is okay now that she is here. Tripp asked Leyla if she was on this floor where he was staying and she said yes down the hall. He asked her “ Could you please take the elevator down with me because I am not sure what is happening to me. Leyla said of course with her pretty white teeth and her soft voice. Tripp for some reason felt comfort with leyla and they rode the elevator down together to the bar.
For some strange reason, Tripp forgot about the dead body in his room. The more Leyla talked and made Tripp laugh about her beating his state of Florida in volley ball, the more he felt he may not be gay after all, he just hasn’t found the right woman he told himself. She wanted to go back to Tripp’s hotel room to spend the night. Tripp just snapped back into reality that there is a dead body in his room and Eric is no where to be found. Tripp was so nervous and trembling again the same way Leyla found him by the elevator. Tripp told Leyla “ baby I have something to tell you and it might be a shock to you, and when I woke up it was more of a shock to me. When the bartender heard him say that, the bartender slipped Tripp and envelope and in the front of the envelope it was written as such “ Hey yo! You can go! The thing is gone and the box is clean” Tripp new what that meant and was breathing with ease again. Tripp asked Leyla if they could go to her hotel room and spend time together and Leyla agreed willingly.

Tripp faded back to the reality of the morning and here is Leyla asking him for money to get a fix so she can stop being sick.

Tripp yelled! Get your nasty ass out of my house and go to your house! Leyla yelled I shouldn’t have my own house Tripp! I should be here with you. Tripp was yelling why do I want to be with you! You smell and you looked all cracked out. I happen to believe that you have an AIDS affliction with all the needles you put in your arms. God knows who you fucked and sucked for a fix”. Leyla screamed “ I never cheated until you starting fucking that little pink drag queen. Your ruined my life and you stole my youth Tripp! I was miss USA volleyball! I shook hands with the President of the United States and now I am a wife of a Male whore and everyone knows it now! I swear on my last breath if I ever see that Pink Purse whore again, I will kill him. Tripp screamed “ Do you see that you ruined my schedule you crack whore! Oh yeah! Leyla just for the fucking record you knew what I was and you loved it when the money came in. Leyla was screaming and crying “ I hate you! You probably gave me the AIDS with all the bareback movies you did! Tripp just laughed and light another cigarette and said maybe I did and maybe I didn’t but we will never know now will we. Leyla wiped the tears from her face and laughed. Tripp said in a nasty tone “ What the fuck are you laughing at”. Leyla said “ I am enjoying every moment when your father comes and visit asshole and she walked out of the room and slammed the door. Tripp fell back on his bed and heard his father’s laughter and he looked at his clock and saw 10:33 am. Tripp ripped the clock radio out of the wall and threw it across the room and Yelled Shit!!!!

Tripp’s daily Schedule
a) 6:00 am brush teeth/take shower get dressed/do 800 stomach crunches.
b) 7:00 am Go to the kitchen to make his freshly made orange juice, egg whites and chick wrap and listen to his messages on his cell phone.
c) 7:30 Tripp goes on his laptop and make his schedules for his webcam shows ** (Tripp has a strong following for his solo masturbation shows)
Tripp runs three miles to the gym to work out every day.
That schedule only happens on a perfect day for Tripp. If Tripp could ever achieve not skipping a beat on his morning schedule he promised he will give up porn for the rest of his life (Okay maybe not)

Tripp obviously didn’t have time to make his breakfast and for some reason did not want to take a shower(THAT’S PROBABLY BECAUSE HIS WIFE STINKS AND THE DISEASE MIGHT BE CATHCHING.) Tripp got off the bed went to his desk to check his voice mail to see if there were any jobs tonight. The recording “ You have 12 messages to continue press 1 and then your 4 digit password” Tripp hesitated because for some reason he had an idea to just drop everything in his life and go back to Calgary and start over.
1st message- “ Hey Tank Red Bull hear! Call me back I got 4 beautiful scenes for you to do $1,000 per scene. You can take up the ass or…
2nd message- Tripp its your good little boy pinky! Baby my rent is due and the landlord is breathing down my neck call me honey I love….
3rd Message- Yo! Its Erik! Why the fuck I married Karen! That fat bitch cant suck noddle through her fat ass…….
Tripp started laughing at what Erik said about Karen. Trip was sitting there daydreaming about how Erik met Karen on the beach that day at the volleyball tournament and treated her terrible. What Trip couldn’t believe was how did he get Karen to help him get rid of the body and clean up the hotel room. Then Tripp started to wonder if that is the reason why Erik married Karen. Every time Erik and Tripp got into an argument or if Erik was high or drunk, Erik would say “ I love you man that’s why I married that CHUBBY bitch and that is why I couldn’t leave you hungry man( That never made sense to him).

YEAR 2007 –
Tripp was on the cover of Big Dick magazine as a winner for best anal scene in a movie call “FIREMAN”He also won an award for best gang bang all male scene in a movie called CHAIN COCK. This is a far cry from his Mr USA days. On the cover of the Florida chronicles they showed a picture of Tripp naked with the a dark block covering his penis as “ MISS USA” there was a seven page news coverage from Tripps humble beginnings to MR USA falls from grace.
Tripp was depressed that he was outed as a Homosexual and having serious drug problems, which led to Leyla’s drug use and the embarrassment of being labeled Mrs Tankersore to being called Mrs and Mrs martin. It was so traumatic for Leyla that she joined Tripp in numbing the pain on a heroine cocaine binge. Tripp and Leyla used to be called the all American couple. They were the John and Jackie Kennedy of sports. Tripp and Leyla used to receive endorsements from Wheaties cereal to endorsing diamonds. The money they were receiving was flowing in unstoppable. They had pool parties with celebrities and plenty of scripts for them to read. Erik was there body guard and he was living the life of Tripps money, male bitches and his cocaine. Erik married Karen “CHUBS” Pagglio in 2003 three years after Tripp and Leyla’s wedding. Erik was Tripp and Leyla‘s marriage counselor, pimp and there drug dealer. Whatever they needed whether it was from Tampons to cocaine, Erik was the man.

Tripp and Leyla were married Valentines day in the year 2000 six months after dating. Tripp new right away that Leyla Treano was the woman for him. On there honeymoon to Puerto Rico Tripp told Leyla that he wanted to be a father more than anything in the world. The rough childhood he had with BIG DADDY would all go away by showing all the love he never received from his parents to his child. As soon as they go back to Florida he wants to start on a Family right away and Leyla was with joy until she was told a year later that she was unable to have children. Even though they were receiving endorsement and lots of money to wear diamonds and GUCCI and hanging out with celebrities, there love for each other fizzled out and they just became partners in destruction.

The appetite for the men have grown more and more every night. Tripp wasn’t even coming come for days and that made Leyla more and more dependent on the drugs. When Tripp finally came home from his escapades Leyla was waiting in the living room sitting on the couch in the dark. Tripp came through the door whistling and Leyla began talking in the dark and said “ You smell like beer like it has been poured all over your body.” Where the fuck were you Tripp?”Don’t tell me you were at the gym! Tripp was smiling at her and said.” How would know whether I was home or not! Your too busy snorting all our money. And oh by the way, Did you get pregnant yet? Leyla let out a scream AAAAAAAAH! Fuck you Trip! You will never ever stop blaming me for not being able to give you a child! Leyla was crying so hard that it look like she was sweating and her nose was running with clogs and clogs of snot. Tripp said “ you better catch your snot! That is a lot of cocaine your loosing. Leyla jumped off the couch and ran up to Tripp’s face and spit PATOO! And Trip was so disgusted he slapped Leyla down on the floor and yelled at her “ Look at you! You’re a fucking disgrace! Then Tripp saw a image of a dark shadow on the step and the shadow started to laugh and said “ THAT’S MY BOY TRIPP! KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THAT BITCH! MAKE BIG DADDY PROUD AND BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF THAT WHORE TRIPP! Tripp look down at Leyla in a fetal position and BIG DADDY kept repeating “ KICK THAT WHORE! KICK THAT WHORE! Tripp kicked Leyla in her stomach and Leyla let out a silent scream. Trip bent down and picked up her head by her hair and said with deep venomous voice “ You don’t ever spit on me you whore or I’ll kill you. Oh yeah! I aint gonna apologize for kicking your stomach because you ain’t gonna use it anyway.

Leyla was trembling on the floor then she began to urinate on herself. He got up and look at the step and BIG DADDY turned around and starting walking up the stairs and disappeared. Trip walked over her and headed too the front and looked back and said “ Fucking clean up that mess off the floor! See you when I see you”. Tripp closed the door behind him and Leyla stayed on the floor and continued crying and grabbed her stomach kept on screaming WHY! WHY!.

Tripp drove from his home in Winter Springs, Tripp kept thinking about what he did and how he got physical with Lelya. He saw BIG DADDY cheering him on when he was near trying to damage his wife. As he was driving he started to cry because he couldn’t understand why he lost control and kicked the shit out of his wife. Why couldn’t he have been sympathetic and just adopt a child? Why could he not help his wife from her problem? He promised her that he would always take care of her, Turning your wife into a self induced crack head is taking care of someone you supposedly love. Is he like BIG DADDY? And if so? What can he do about it. Tripp kept driving on the dark road and ended up in Tampa at the Seminole Casino off route 4. Tripp walked into the 24 hour Casino and he felt a calm in his soul. He took a deep breath and headed towards the slot machine and he saw this 6 foot 200lbs of solid muscle ponytail piece of ass that caught his eye. The ponytail was screaming and jumping around in fun that he was winning. The ponytail had on a white tank top with a pair of tight jeans that look right on his ass. This guy was classically symmetrical in other words that body is hot! Trip looked again at the ponytails company and he had a girl with him. Tripp figured if he walked up to the girl and flirt with her that he can take a look at this guy closely. As Tripp walked closer and closer the guy turned around and look at trip in his face and said “ HI”with the most prettiest smile he has ever seen. Trip shook his head and said “you’re a girl“. The ponytail was mad and said with a deep mans voice“ That’s right asshole”! I am a girl you want to make something out of it! There was another girl that was much smaller but looked exactly like Ponytail and she look like she was ready to kick Tripp’s ass. Tripp was smiling and laughing and said “ Ladies, Ladies please I am so sorry. Lets start off on the right foot please, I just saw your incredible ass and I got confused“. Then ponytail smiled and held out her hand and said with the deep Barry White voice “ ok, my name is Samantha Dano and here is my sister Stacy Dano. Stacy had the same deep voice as Samantha and said“ Hey whats up! Tripp was so mesmerized
By Samantha’s hazel eyes and her chiseled jaw. Samantha was so beautiful that he couldn’t even talk. Samantha was also mesmerized by Tripps body and his gorgeous face, Trip and Samantha just stood there looking at each other. Stacy had to break the silence and said “ Ah! Guys I will be right over there by the black jack table. Samantha smiled yeah okay sis see you in a bit. Stacy smiled and walked away and then a man and a woman came over and broke the steering contest and yelled “ Hey”! that startled the Samantha and Tripp and they turned around and looked at the man and the woman. The man said “Holy Shit its you and you are Tripp Martin and Samantha Dano!”Then he said “ Damn what are the chances of that huh, by the way my name is Pete!” Hey guys can my wife take a picture with you guys? Tripp and Samantha just looked at each other and shrugged okay. The man yelled “ Marge hurry up and get the camera out! I cant believe I am taking a picture with MR USA and SAMMY DANNO 1st woman winner in the ladies division MS USA”. “Shit what are the chances of that!” Marge pulls out the camera and takes the picture of Mr and Ms USA in the casino with 5 feet Pete. The security guards comes in and snatched the camera out of Marge’s hand. The security guard said in a stern voice” There are rules about cameras in the casino. Pete said “ Hey you can do that! Do you know who these people are! They are gonna kick your ass! The security guard said “ I don’t give a shit if its GHANDI no fucking camera sir! Tripp smiled at Samantha and said “ So your Ms America huh, how did I miss that? Samantha said “ Because you were too busy looking at my ass” and she laughed. Security guard was still arguing with Pete about the camera and Samantha said “ So you Mr America how did I miss that? Then trip said “ Because you were too busy looking at my 10 inch Cock that’s why” and they both laughed. The security guard said to Samantha “ Mam or man who knows with you people “ Are you listening?”Tripp just caught what the security guard said to Samantha. Tripp got loud and said what the fuck did you say to her?! Samantha said “ Please don’t lose your cool I am used to it. Please don’t lose your cool Tripp okay and she smiled. Tripp felt the anger melt away, it was something about her.
Samantha said to the security guard “ Why don’t we all cool down”. Sir they are just fans of ours, why don’t you give them back there camera and we promise to never do this again. Then the security guard said to the other one. “ Shit she is one big bitch, you need to stop taking those hormones baby.” The other security guard said I wonder who is the man in the relationship? Is it the one with the deepest voice!. The security Guards are laughing there ass off. Marge grabbed the camera out of the security guards hand and then Tripp punched the security guard and knocked him out, The other security started to radio for back up and Samantha grabbed the radio and threw across the room, Samantha was yelling “ Stacy! Come on lets go! Were outta here! Stacy grabbed her chips and they all ran out the front door straight into the parking lot. They ran to trips Escalade because it was the closet. And Tripp drove fast as hell out of the Casino parking lot.
Pete was screaming! Oh my God I am in a get away car of Mr USA! Whoo! Hoo! Those fellas at the plant ain’t gonna believe a word of this shit right here!. Marge screamed and said “ Pete shut the fuck up! My car is at the casino! How am I going to get it! Tripp and Samantha was laughing and holding hands. Tripp squeezed her hand and said “ I enjoyed our first date and he smiled that cute crooked smile and he kissed Samantha and they kept driving down on route 75 down to Venice Beach and that ended the perfect night.

The next morning back at house, Erik and Karen was in the living room with Leyla listening to her telling them that Tripp has not been coming home and how he beat the crap out of her. Erik left the living room and went into the kitchen to call Tripp on the cell phone. Karen came into the kitchen after Erik and said “What the fuck is going on” Why are we friends with these crazy people?” Erik said shut the fuck up you fat cow! Tripp is my best friend and you have no right to say that!” Get your fat ass back in the living room and try to stop that stupid bitch from calling the cops on Tripp. Karen was very upset and hurt by what Erik said ( what else is new, Erik talks that way to Karen from the first day he met her on the beach) Karen said “ I wish you wouldn’t talk to me like that Erik” I have been loosing weight! Erik said “ Where on your earlobe! Get the fuck out the kitchen!” Karen yelled back” I swear Erik on my mothers grave you are going to regret it! If I were you! I would watch what I say to me!”Erik smiled and said very sweetly “ Honey baby! I am so sorry. I am under stress and I am worried about my friend. Then he moved closer to hug Karen and then he grabbed her by the jaw with force and squeezed it so she couldn’t talk. Karen struggled to get his hand off her face. Erik said In a menacing deep tone and clenched teeth“ Now you listen to me you fat bitch! Remember you helped me move that body out of Tripps hotel room. If I go down, your fat ass going down too. But that’s if I don’t kill you first. Now be a good girl and go in there and make sure she don’t call the cops my darling wife. He took his hand off her jaw and turned her around and smacked her ass. Karen walked out of the kitchen and looked back at Erik while he was dialing on his cell phone calling Tripp.

It was a bright sunny morning on Venice Beach with the seagulls squawking and then Tripp woke up and turned to his right and saw Samantha sleeping and then he looked in the rearview mirror and saw Stacy in the back sleeping as well. He got out of the Escalade and stretched and did a range of motion with his arms. The phone rang with his favorite ring tone THE ROMANTICS (ONE IN A MILLION)
Then he saw the name Erik name flashing on the phone and answered it


( Stretching and yarning) Whats up dude! What’s good
(Erik is in Tripps Kitchen)(Whispering) What the fuck you mean what’s good dude. You kick the shit out of your wife and left all night. Karen and I are here trying to stop her from calling the cops! Dude I am concerned!
(Tripp is squinting at the bright sun beaming on him) Look that bitch spit on me! I am tired of her shit! The cocaine ain’t recreational for her, it’s her lifestyle! Don’t supply that bitch anymore with that shit. I’ll be there soon.

You see that’s what the fuck happens when you marry a woman. I told you not to marry her!

(Yelling and screaming)You didn’t tell me motherfucker! As a matter of fact don’t do me any favors! Get the fuck out of my house! By the way dickhead you got married to foreign fucking object called pussy.

You know you ungrateful bastard! I have done everything! Fucking everything for you! And I gave you a start to make money because MR USA wasn’t making shit before and after 1st place! That should have been me first place that year! But I wasn’t afraid to show and admit who I really was. One day my friend your gonna step out of the closet and it will be too late for you to be accepted.. Fuck you Tripp!( hanged up phone)

Samantha got out of the car and walked over to Tripp. Samantha’s black hair was blowing in the wind. Tripp looked at Samantha and felt a calm with her and he felt the same way when he saw Leyla playing volleyball with her long flowing icy blond hair he fell for. Samantha to him had a quality of probably making him happy. But how can he feel that way when he just met her. Samantha hugged him and asked him what’s wrong BIG DADDY? He yanked her off hard and said “ Don’t you fucking call me BIG DADDY I am nothing like him!” Samantha said in a confused sarcastic tone “ I’m sorry asshole!”. And she walked away.
Tripp felt so bad that he walked up behind her and spin her around and grab her face and kissed her so hard. Samantha gave in and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. Pete and Marge was struggling walking on the sand yelling “ Hey you two we have to get back home!”I have to get back to Tampa and get my car! Tripp and Samantha started to laugh and walked back to the truck and they all got in and drove back heading on route 75 back to Tampa.

Erik drove up in a warehouse parking lot at the security gate and noticed a sign on the security door that said “ Don’t fuck with Mr Zero.” The security came out of the door and said “ Yeah can I help you?”Erik said “ Yeah I am here to see Red Bull” The security got his clipboard and asked Erik for his name and then lifted the gate to let Erik in. Erik parked his car and then walked into the warehouse and see a bunch of sweaty guys in boxing gloves and boxing shorts working out. Then there were guys wrestling on the mat rolling around giving each other half nelsons. Erik started adjusting himself and smiling and making contact with the other men. Red Bull came out and yelled “Erik
Where the fuck have you been!” Red Bull is 6’2 280lb Cut rock Hard Greek guy with long curly hair with a thick Mustache. Red Bull look like Borat on steroids. Red Bull known as Dominick Stephanopolous was on the Body Building circuit in Morocco and Afghanistan back in the day. Red Bull office had all types of naked men on his wall. He had posters of Erik Rhodes, Caesar(Cowboy movie poster) Tom Katt in Lord of the Ring and etc. There were boxes of shipments in the office of Astro Glide, Condoms, Met Rx powdered drinks and etc. Red Bull gestured for Erik should sit down so that they can talk. Red bull sat down behind the desk and leaned back and laughed hard. Erik looked at RED BULL and said what.s so fucking funny RED. RED BULL said “ You know I have been in the business for over 25 years and how I got my start was sucking a cops dick when I first got to this country … to a 25 million dollar a year empire. Red Bull folded his hands on the desk and leaned forward and said “ Do you think I grew RED BULL productions from taking it up the ass! I pay people to take it up the ass and when I don’t get that I get real fucking nasty and we don’t want that do we. Erik said what the fuck are talking about Red? RED BULL got real loud “ Are you crazy motherfucker to talk to me like that! Your friend Mister America did not show up for the two scenes I need him for okay! Mr USA gets paid shit load of money for 2 fucking scenes and he isn’t even here! Time is money Erik! Tell your fucking friend if he does not show up to complete the film. I will put his face on he cover of the movie and there will be no mistake who he is. There will be no dark glasses or mask either. Erik was yelling “ Calm down RED! My friend is having trouble with that crazy bitch of a wife. He will be here! I just spoke to him and he said that he is on his way home to handle her and once that happens he will be in MIAMI to finish. I promise you. RED BULL started laughing and said “ Erik you better not be shitting me! He better be here today or Mr America will on the shelf by next week. Erik wiped his face and shook RED’S hand and walked out.

RED BULL walked back to his desk and dialed a phone number and turned on the flat screen television watching two guys fucking in the boxing ring and then the person on the other end picked up “ Hey Dick what’s up with you? Yeah great man! Listen I need to see you about something. I need your expertise on a matter that disturbs me. This asshole what we like to call Mr America is fucking up my business! I need to know if you could find out how much he is worth these days. Yeah man I got it! When this kid was starting out and he was hungry I fed him and now that he is getting all these endorsements I think it is only fair I get a taste of the Wheaties cereal if you know what I mean. Give me some info on that blond bombshell of a wife. I want to put her in a position to depend on me when she needs me. Let me know Dick.. See ya my friend. RED BULL slaps his hands together smiling and said “ How stupid can I be! If I put Tripps picture in the front it will be a gold mine for me! Think of all the royalties I can get for the rest of my life. Every time he sticks his dick up someone’s ass I get paid. RED start to walk around the office and realizes that if he exposed TRIPP AKA “TANK” Tank might stop working for him and probably might go on talk shows and make millions on book deals. No way! Jose!
Tripp pulls up in front of his house and he makes a big sigh and he is frozen in his car seat. Trip does not want to get out an face the horrors of what is waiting for him. He gets out his car and walks up the walk way and he notices the door is open. He gets suspicious and he calls into the house “Leyla! Leyla! Im coming in! don’t shoot baby I love you(Tripp was laughing to himself). Tripp slowly came into the house and it is so clean and it smelled like Vanilla and he felt real strange because he remembered THAT’S MY BOY TRIPP! KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THAT BITCH! MAKE BIG DADDY PROUD AND BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF THAT WHORE TRIPP! Tripp look down at Leyla in a fetal position and BIG DADDY kept repeating “ KICK THAT WHORE! KICK THAT WHORE!
Tripp walked in slowly and looked in the living room, kitchen, bedroom
No sign of Leyla. Tripp realized that maybe Leyla went for a fix to calm her nerves before she saw him. Oh well none the less Tripp had to take a mean leak and he went inside the bathroom and saw Lelya on the floor passed out. “ Oh shit! He screamed Leyla! Leyla! What the fuck did you do?! Leyla! Tripp did everything to revive Leyla. He ran out the bathroom and ran in the bedroom and called 911. 911 what’s your emergency? My wife is unconscious! I cant seem to wake her up! The operator said “ Sir! Sir! Did your wife take anything sir! Tripp thought for a second and hanged up the phone. He scopped up Leyla and ran downstairs out the front door and put lelyal in the back seat of the escalade and drove like hell to the hospital. On his way to the hospital, He passed the ambulance with all the sirens and kept going.
Tripp was crying and saying “ leyla! don’t you die on me bitch! I am so sorry I did this to you! Please don’t die on me! I promise to take better care of you. Trip drove up to the hospital and ran out of his car went right through the emergency room and yelled “ My wife is dying! I need help. Three nurses ran out of the hospital with a stretcher and gently took leyla out of the back of the Escalade and put her on the stretcher and ran in the hospital with her. The security guards was trying to hold back Tripp from going in the emergency room.

Trip was screaming Leyla! Leyla! Leyla! Please don’t! Please don’t die!


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